Benefits of Reiki

Heal the cause and eliminates the effect of imbalances.

Energizes your entire system safely and quickly.

Helps to minimize your sense of helplessness and powerlessness when faced with disease and crisis situations.

Helps eliminate accumulated daily stress acquired from the rigors of modern life.

Is not a belief system; Once activated, it will allways turn on when used as instructed.

Is simple, easy, effective and safe.

Is a self-help technique which includes a simple, safe way to help others effectively.

Once activated, lasts forever. There is not risk to loose it.

Promotes from within you the qualities of loving, caring, growing, compassion, trusting, peace, calm and serenity.

Is easy to learn and practice.

Childrens can learn Reiki.

Does not conflict with your religious beliefs.

Can be used with animals and plants.

Can be used any time, any place and in any situation.

Helps to prevent physical disorders and to mantain a perfect state of health.

Itīs a handfull of health.

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