Sensei Mikao Usui

Born in Taniai in August 15, 1865
After a long and deep search through different methods and cultures, Sensei Usui
rediscovered the ancient method of healing the body.
In 1922 he had opened a Reiki School in Tokio where he taught his system to 16 Masters, being three of them, Taketomi, Hayashi y Gyuda (also known as Ushida). Ushida was the first president of the "Reiki Society" in the Saihoji temple in Suginami (a Kioto suburb)
Sensei Usui passed away on March 9, 1926 in Fucuyama

Chujiro Hayashi

Before his death, Usui transmitted his knowledge to Dr. Hyashi, and named him his succesor and protector of this sacred thechnique. Hayashi founded in Tokio an important Health Center.

Hawayo Takata

Was in this Health Center that Hawayo Takata, born in Kawai in Christmas of 1900, healed herself from a chronic illness. After this experience she dedicated her life to Reiki, being named in 1940, succesor of Dr. Hyashi.
A certificate registered in Honolulu, dated February 21, 1938 shows that she had the Master Level (she was one of the 13 masters trained by Dr. Hayashi)
Before her death in Diciember 1980, Mrs. Takata trained 22 Masters in this art.

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