Christ The Light American Catholic Church
The Most Rev. Timothy A. DeTraglia, D.D,, Pastor
The Rev. Jonathan E. Gray, Associate Pastor
6 South Marshall Street, Albany, NY 12209
United States

What is Christ The Light American Catholic Church

Christ The Light American Catholic Church was founded in and incorporated in 1997, as an alternative to the oppressive structures and strictures of the Roman Catholic Church, yet without denying basic catholic beliefs of faith and love, spirituality and community, prayer and sacramentality. It is a newly formed rite, as in the tradition of the Orthodox churches of the Catholic tradition and the Old Catholic Church of Utrecht. It remains a CATHOLIC CHURCH and its priests are considered Catholic priests.

Thus, the Christ The Light American Catholic Church is not founded, nor is it organized in direct antagonism or opposition to all that the Roman Catholic Church teaches and esteems. Rather, it is founded and organized in such a way that oppression and intolerance are ignored, in the face a a positive, genuine respect of individuality and freedom, within the context of belief in a loving, forgiving, and compassionate God, as revealed in Jesus, the Good Shepherd: who sought out and embraced as the most important in the kingdom of God the ones who are considered the least of human society and the institutional church.

For, unless the least in our midst are seen as Christ, there is no resurrected Jesus and the credibility of belief falters, and unless the least are loved, there is no unconditional love of the Lord God.

Why is Christ The Light American Catholic Church for me?

For the young, it is a home that speaks faith in God and faith in oneself, revelant to the world of the end of the twentieth century.

For the divorced, it is a home that speaks of an end to the past, and a new beginning, with the forgiveness and the blessing of happiness and peace of the Lord Himself.

For the alienated, it is a home that speaks of compassion, sensitivity and sincerity, that embraces weakness and finds strength in difference.

For the older, it is a home that speaks of the tenderness towards all that one has created and confidence that nothing of the person will ever be lost or forgotten.

For the person imprisoned in any way, either internally or externally, it is freedom to be oneself, with the assurance that real love always reveals itself as mercy, and that mercy is the ability to love oneself.


Sacraments are important, not as moments of time out of time, but as reflections and revelations of the God who is always mysteriously present to me and within me.

The Sacraments are open to all who seek a closer life with God.

Baptism for All

Holy Communion for all Baptised Christians

Confirmation for All Baptised Christians

Marriage for all couples who profess the need to have the Sacrament validate their love before God, regardless of previous divorce or sexual orientation.

Reconciliation available for all.

Sacrament of the Sick available for all.

Holy Orders open to all people regardless of gender or marital status who feel a calling to serve God's people.

Where do you worship?

Christ The Light American Catholic Church Sunday Eucharist 10:00 AM at Trinity Temple of The Holy Spirit 279 Whitehall Road Albany, New York 12209