I hate Macs!

  1. The screens are too small - can't read the type.
  2. Most comps here where I live are IBM or IBM compats - and I don't like carrying around a huge amount of disks.
  3. The Macs here are slower than the IBMS
  4. I am a fond user of the Home, End, Page up and Page down keys.
    If I have to use a Mac, I always get frustrated when I can't find them. It's a habit - they are useful keys.
  5. On the older comps - try using Prowrite without the Function keys - it is a pain.
  6. Macintosh mice need to grow up.
  7. Macintosh mice need to get more buttons.
  8. Have you ever accidently said Intitialize when you put in the wrong disk?@^$%^&$#%$
  9. My frog hates Macs too.

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