Canadian Emergency Preparedness Organizations

This list is under construction. Date of last update is 26 March 2000.

Emergency Preparedness Links

Emergency Preparedness Canada
(A) national emergency preparedness organization mission and key programs, current situation reports, information on current hot topics, library of research reports, and disaster database
Alberta Disaster Services
(A) short description of plans and model plans, summary of emergency operations center, area maps with contacts for local disaster services, description of Emergency Public Warning System
British Columbia Provincial Emergency Program
(A) full text of planning guidance documents and of plans, emergency coordination center statistics and weekly incident summaries, financial assistance program information, list of current policies
British Columbia Inter-Agency Emergency Preparedness Council
(A) council mandate, earthquake preparedness report and earthquake response plan, council strategic activities plan, and list of emergency responsibilities by member agencies
Manitoba Emergency Management Organization
(A) full text of the provincial emergency plan, annual report, fact sheets including interesting one on sandbag dikes, description of training courses, organizational structure and regional map
Emergency Measures Organization - New Brunswick
(A) includes summary of past disasters, the Emergency Measures Act, status of district plans and EOCs, map of communications system, list of instructional programs, and list of publications
Newfoundland and Labrador Emergency Measures Division
(C) brief statement of Division's responsibilities
Northwest Territories
no Internet presence has been located for emergency measures in the Northwest Territories
Emergency Measures Organization - Nova Scotia
A) includes mission statement and primary tasks, annual report, a zone map, key staff positions, training program overview including a distance education initiative, and public information material
no Internet presence has been located for emergency measures in Nunavut
Emergency Measures Ontario
(B) responsibilities listed and brief descriptions of Provincial Operations Center, support to Nations and communities, emergency planning, training, and Joint Emergency Preparedness Program
Emergency Measures Organization - Prince Edward Island
(C) sparse site with a mission statement and list of key personnel
Quebec Emergency Preparedness
(A) organizational history from 1951, overview of organizational relationships and a summary of responsibilities at levels from citizen to province, summary of emergency preparedness response plan
Saskatchewan Emergency Planning
(C) brief description of responsibilities on the Municipal Affairs, Culture, and Housing Department page
Yukon Territory
no Internet presence has been located for emergency measures in the Yukon Territory
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