Descendants of Ord Orr and Althea Dean

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Cater, Even, Moser, Mouriquand, Orr, Rien, Smith

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First Generation

1. Ord Knight1 ORR was born 11/21/1910. Ord died 12/8/57 at 47 years of age.

He married Althea Ione DEAN 5/1/1932. Althea was born 12/8/1910.

Ord Knight ORR and Althea Ione DEAN had the following children:

child + 2 i. Marilee Ruth2 ORR was born 3/4/1934.

child + 3 ii. Jeanine Ione ORR was born 7/16/1935.

child + 4 iii. Ord Dean ORR was born 2/11/1941.

Second Generation

2. Marilee Ruth2 ORR (Ord Knight1) was born 3/4/1934.

She married Eugene Wesley CATER.

Marilee Ruth ORR and Eugene Wesley CATER had the following children:

child + 5 i. Genalee Joan3 CATER was born 8/20/55.

child + 6 ii. Nanette Lynn CATER was born 6/5/58.

child + 7 iii. Wesley Dean CATER was born 9/23/59.

3. Jeanine Ione2 ORR (Ord Knight1) was born in Colorado 7/16/1935.

She married George Andrew MOSER in Colorado, 8/2/1953. G. A. was born in Colorado 12/4/1933.

Jeanine Ione ORR and George Andrew MOSER had the following children:

child + 8 i. Leanne Caye3 MOSER was born 10/7/58.

child + 9 ii. Gregory Andrew MOSER was born 5/5/1960.

child + 10 iii. Scott Dean MOSER was born 12/8/1963.

4. Ord Dean2 ORR (Ord Knight1) was born 2/11/1941.

He married Bonnie Joyce HEARST 7/25/1964. Bonnie was born 8/19/1942.

Ord Dean ORR and Bonnie Joyce HEARST had the following children:

child + 11 i. Amy Dean3 ORR was born 8/22/1970.

child 12 ii. Sara Althea ORR was born 11/13/1973.

child 13 iii. Rebecca Dean ORR was born 7/1/75. Rebecca died 7/2/75 at less than one year of age.

child 14 iv. Rachel Joyce ORR was born 12/2/1975.

child 15 v. Andrew Hurst ORR was born 11/5/1980.

Third Generation

5. Genalee Joan3 CATER (Marilee Ruth2 ORR, Ord Knight1) was born 8/20/55.

She married Jake MOURIQUAND 2/26/77. Jake was born 8/6/55.

Genalee Joan CATER and Jake MOURIQUAND had the following child:

child 16 i. Richard James4 MOURIQUAND was born 4/16/1980.

6. Nanette Lynn3 CATER (Marilee Ruth2 ORR, Ord Knight1) was born 6/5/58.

She married Doug EVEN 6/10/78. Doug was born 1/24/57.

Nanette Lynn CATER and Doug EVEN had the following children:

child 17 i. Jeremiah4 EVEN was born 3/23/79.

child 18 ii. Angella EVEN was born 9/20/80.

7. Wesley Dean3 CATER (Marilee Ruth2 ORR, Ord Knight1) was born 9/23/59. Wesley died 8/7/91 in California, at 31 years of age.

He married Dianna.

Wesley Dean CATER had the following child:

child 19 i. Nicole4 CATER was born 1/5/81.

8. Leanne Caye3 MOSER (Jeanine Ione2 ORR, Ord Knight1) was born in Fort Collins, CO 10/7/58.

She married Thomas Alan RIEN in Hood River, OR, 8/8/81. Thomas was born in Portland, Oregon 9/24/57. Thomas is the son of Gerald Lowell RIEN and Dorothy Jane LONEY.

Leanne Caye MOSER and Thomas Alan RIEN had the following child:

child 20 i. Luke Thomas4 RIEN was born in Portland, OR 3/31/86.

9. Gregory Andrew3 MOSER (Jeanine Ione2 ORR, Ord Knight1) was born 5/5/1960.

He married Emily Theresa SCHANTZ 4/11/1987. Emily was born in New York, NY 2/20/1961.

Gregory Andrew MOSER and Emily Theresa SCHANTZ had the following children:

child 21 i. Gerhett Andrew4 MOSER was born in Portland, Oregon 10/24/1994.

child 22 ii. Jacob William Riley MOSER was born in Portland, Oregon 11/3/1997.

10. Scott Dean3 MOSER (Jeanine Ione2 ORR, Ord Knight1) was born in Hood River, OR 12/8/1963.

He married Janet Lynn MYTYCH in Hood River, OR, 6/15/1991. Janet was born in Chicago, IL 10/12/1967.

Scott Dean MOSER and Janet Lynn MYTYCH had the following child:

child 23 i. Summer Dean4 MOSER was born in Florida 11/11/1996.

11. Amy Dean3 ORR (Ord Dean2, Ord Knight1) was born 8/22/1970.

She married Kevin SMITH 8/8/1993. Kevin was born 11/3/1970.

Amy Dean ORR and Kevin SMITH had the following child:

child 24 i. Caleb4 SMITH was born 6/12/1995.

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CATER, Eugene Wesley (marriage to Marilee Ruth Orr) (i230)
CATER, Genalee Joan (i234), b.1955-
CATER, Nanette Lynn (i233), b.1958-
CATER, Nicole (i232), b.1981-
CATER, Wesley Dean (i231), b.1959-d.1991


DEAN, Althea Ione (marriage to Ord Knight Orr) (i212), b.1910-


Dianna (marriage to Wesley Dean Cater) (i239)


EVEN, Angella (i240), b.1980-
EVEN, Doug (marriage to Nanette Lynn Cater) (i236), b.1957-
EVEN, Jeremiah (i237), b.1979-


HEARST, Bonnie Joyce (marriage to Ord Dean Orr) (i220), b.1942-


MOSER, George Andrew (marriage to Jeanine Ione Orr) (i13), b.1933-
MOSER, Gerhett Andrew (i218), b.1994-
MOSER, Gregory Andrew (i216), b.1960-
MOSER, Jacob William Riley (i219), b.1997-
MOSER, Leanne Caye (i5), b.1958-
MOSER, Scott Dean (i210), b.1963-
MOSER, Summer Dean (i214), b.1996-


MOURIQUAND, Jake (marriage to Genalee Joan Cater) (i235), b.1955-
MOURIQUAND, Richard James (i238), b.1980-


MYTYCH, Janet Lynn (marriage to Scott Dean Moser) (i215), b.1967-


ORR, Amy Dean (i221), b.1970-
ORR, Andrew Hurst (i225), b.1980-
ORR, Jeanine Ione (i12), b.1935-
ORR, Marilee Ruth (i223), b.1934-
ORR, Ord Dean (i213), b.1941-
ORR, Ord Knight (i211), b.1910-d.1957
ORR, Rachel Joyce (i227), b.1975-
ORR, Rebecca Dean (i226), b.1975-d.1975
ORR, Sara Althea (i224), b.1973-


RIEN, Luke Thomas (i14), b.1986-
RIEN, Thomas Alan (marriage to Leanne Caye Moser) (i1), b.1957-


SCHANTZ, Emily Theresa (marriage to Gregory Andrew Moser) (i217), b.1961-


SMITH, Caleb (i228), b.1995-
SMITH, Kevin (marriage to Amy Dean Orr) (i222), b.1970-

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