Abingdon Pottery

A Personal Collection

          Of all the things both good and bad that can be said of human beings, 
     one constant is our love of collecting. A few years ago I was in an antique
     shop in Holly Hill, Florida where I purchased my first piece of Abingdon 
     Pottery. At the time, I had never heard of it, and purchased it because of 
     its lovely hue of blue, classic deco lines and reasonable price. Only while
     antiquing in Lambertville, New Jersey did I discover, through a very 
     knowledgeable collector, the very unique history of this pottery. Since this
     time I have begun a modest collection that ranges from vases to figurines to 
     the famous cookie jars of the Abingdon Potters.
         Abingdon Pottery is an American Pottery that was produced in Abingdon, Il.
     from 1934-1950. Prior to 1934 the Abingdon Sanitary Manufacturing produced 
     plumbing fixtures until the Great Depression haulted production. This is when 
     an outstanding economic decision was made by the managers of the company. They 
     choose to adapt the factory from plumbing fixtures to an artware mode. Not until
     the postwar building boom did the company return to its plumbing fixture production.                           
     Hence, for only sixteen short years the people of Southern Illinois gave us this 
     unique pottery.

          For a full and excellent history of Abington Pottery I refer you to Joe 
     Paradis' book on the subject. Not only does he provide an excellent history, but 
     also a pictorial of a majority of the pieces produced.

          Paradis, Joe. "Abingdon Pottery Artware 1934-1950: Stepchild of the Great    
     Depression". Atglen,Pa.: Schiffer Publishing, 1997.
     [Available though Amazon.com]

     Collector's Club: Abingdon Pottery Collectors Club
                       Elaine Westover- Treasurer
                       R.R. 1 Box 145
                       210 W. Hwy 5
                       Abingdon, Il 61410-9721 

Abingdon Pottery Pieces in the Rob Laurich Collection

*Upright Goose Figurine MN. 98:
*Large Alpha Vase MN. 101:
*Large Gamma Vase MN. 103:
*Medium Alpha Vase MN. 105:
*medium Beta Vase MN. 106:
*Small Beta Vase MN. 110:
*Small Delta Vase MN. 112:
*Classic Vase MN. 114:
*Classic Vase MN. 115:
*Large Classic Vase MN. 116:
*Classic Designed Vase MN. 117:
*Large Classic Vase MN. 118:
*Large Classic Vase MN. 119:
*Large Classic Vase MN. 120:
*Classic Single Candleholder, pair. MN. 126:
*Small Classic Vase MN. 141:
*La Fleur Flower Pot MN. 149D:
*Large Morning Glory Flower Pot MN. 150D:
*La Fleur Flower Pot & Saucer MN. 150S:
*Large Cattail Flower Pot MN. 151D:
*Large Flower Pot MN. 151D:
*Classic Large Vase MN. 152:
*Classic Large Vase MN. 153:
*Pair Classic Vases MN. 154:
*Classic Large Vase MN. 156:
*Classic Medium Vase MN. 170:
*Floral Vase MN. 176:
*Floral Vase MN. 178:
*Floral Vase MN. 180:
*Floral Vase MN. 181:
*Large Ice Lipped Pitcher MN. 200:
*Ming Jar MN. 301:
*Pair of Seagull Bookends MN. 305:
*Pair of Coolie Ginger Jars MN. 308D:
*Han Vase MN. 312:
*Athenian Vase MN. 315:
*Russian Dancer Bookends MN. 321:
*Swedish Goblet Vase MN. 322:
*Chine Vase MN. 325:
*Modern Vase MN. 328:
*Wild Rose Plate MN. 344:
*Fleur Vase MN. 350:
*Morning Glory Wall Pocket MN. 377:
*Daisy Wall Pocket MN. 379:
*Pouter Pigeon Figurine MN. 388:
*Morning Glory Medium Vase MN. 391:
*Morning Glory Bowl MN. 393:
*Medium Flower Pot MN. 397:
*Coolie Teapot Tile MN. 401:
*Box Vase MN. 402:
*Rose Vase MN. 407:
*Hair Receiver Bowl MN. 408:
*Medium Volute Vase MN. 411:
*Medium Volute Vase with Silver Overlay MN. 411D:
*Peacock Animal Figure MN. 416:
*Tri Ribbed Vase MN. 418:
*Fern Leaf Flower Boat MN. 426:
*Fern Leaf Pitcher MN. 430:
*Han Window Box MN. 437:
*Horse Head Bookends MN. 441:
*Dolphin Bookends MN. 444:
*Seashell Cornucopia Planter MN. 449:
*Small Asters Vase MN. 453:
*New Mode Ashtray MN. 456:
*Large Lattice Vase MN. 459:
*Ribbon Bowl Vase MN. 462:
*Star Vase MN. 463:
*Wheel Handle Vase MN. 466:
*Wreath Handle Vase MN. 467:
*Bird Vase MN. 468:
*Dutch Boy Vase MN. 469 :
*Dutch Girl Vase MN. 470:
*Lil' Old Lady Cookie Jar MN. 471:
*Single Cornucopia MN. 474:
*Medium Window Box MN. 476:
*Pair of Scroll Double Candleholders MN. 479:
*Large Scroll Bowl MN. 480:
*Ivy Bowl MN. 481:
*Double Cornucopia MN. 482:
*Petite Bud Vase MN. 483D:
*Fan Vase MN. 484:
*Fan Vase MN. 484D:
*Large Acanthus Vase MN. 486:
*Egret Floor Vase MN. 487:
*Box Ashtray MN. 488:
*Flower Holding Vase MN. 491:
*Double Wall Pocket MN. 493:
*Ship Vase MN. 494:
*Decorated Ship Vase MN. 494D:
*Hollyhock Vase MN. 496:
*Pair of Single Shell Candleholders MN. 503:
*Shell Planting Vase MN. 504:
*Shell Bowl MN. 506:
*Oval Shell Vase MN. 507:
*Elephant Ashtray MN. 509:
*Small Swirl Vase MN. 512:
*Medium Swirl Vase MN. 513:
*Large Swirl Vase MN. 514:
*Abbey Vase MN. 515:
*Acadia Vase MN. 516:
*Arden Vase MN. 517:
*Round Bulb Bowl MN. 519:
*Baden Vase MN. 520:
*Bali Vase MN. 521:
*Barre Vase MN. 522:
*Flare Oblong Bowl MN. 525:
*Bulb Oblong Bowl MN. 526:
*Small Hibiscus Bowl MN. 527:
*Scroll Medium Bowl MN. 532D:
*Shell Bowl MN. 533:
*Shell Bowl MN. 533D:
*Boyne Vase MN. 534D:
*Berne Vase MN. 535:
*Regency Bowl MN. 536:
*Wreath Urn MN. 538:
*Small Streamliner Bowl MN. 544:
*Large Streamliner Bowl MN. 546:
*Irregular Bowl MN. 547:
*Hippo Cookie Jar MN. 549:
*Fluted Vase MN. 550:
*Octagonal Ashtray MN. 551:
*Squatty Vase MN. 552:
*Large Vase MN. 556:
*Draped Vase MN. 557:
*Draped Vase MN. 557D:
*Starflower Cache Pot MN. 559D:
*Urn Vase MN. 563:
*Scallop Bowl MN. 564:
*Scallop Bowl MN. 564D:
*Cornucopia Vase MN. 565:
*Starflower Scallop Vase MN. 566:
*Compote MN. 568:
*Low Starflower Cornucopia MN. 569D:
*Window Box MN. 570:
*Starflower Window Box MN. 570D:
*Sitting Goose Fiqurine MN. 571:
*Pelican Animal Figure MN. 572:
*Penguin Animal Figurine MN. 573:
*Heron Figurine MN. 574:
*Double Candleholder MN. 575:
*Large Window Box MN. 576:
*Pair Pillow Vases MN. 577:
*Double Cornucopia Vase MN. 581:
*Triple Cornucopia MN. 583:
*Money Bag Cookie Jar MN. 588D:
*Ivy Wall Pocket MN. 590:
*Pleat Vase MN. 591:
*Low Oval Bowl MN. 592:
*Bow Knot Vase MN. 593:
*Hourglass Vase MN. 594:
*Trumpet Vase MN. 597:
*Quilted Vase MN. 599:
*Butterfly Wall Pocket MN. 601D:
*Hobby Horse Cookie Jar MN. 602D & Regal Hobby Horse Cookie Jar MN. 706:
*Grecian Floor Vase MN. 603:
*Shell Deep Bowl MN. 610:
*Lily Tray sans Lid MN. 612:
*Candleholder/ Reflector MN. 614:
*Cactus Vase MN. 616D:
*Taper Vase MN. 626:
*Anchor Vase MN. 632:
*Tray Bowl MN. 633:
*Triad Wall Pocket MN. 640:
*Tulip Bowl MN. 642D:
* Contour Bowl MN. 645:
*Acanthus Wall Vase MN. 648:
*Choo Choo Cookie Jar MN. 651D:
*Puppy Planter MN. 652D:
*Tulip Vase MN. 654:
*Square Planter MN. 656:
*Swordfish Figurine MN. 657:
*Ribbed Bowl MN. 658:
*Hackney Vase MN. 659D:
*Miss Muffet Cookie Jar MN. 662D:
*Humpty Dumpty Cookie Jar MN. 663D:
*Pineapple Cookie Jar MN. 664D:
*Jam Set MN. 666D:
*Gourd Planter MN. 667:
*Daffodil Planter MN. 668D:
*Burro Planter MN. 669:
*Pooch Planter MN. 670:
*Ram Planter MN. 671:
*Fawn Planter MN. 672:
*Jack-O-Lantern Cookie Jar MN. 674:
*Match Box Wall Vase MN. 675D:
*Daisy Cookie Jar MN. 677D:
*Daisy Grease Jar MN. 679:
*Daisy Salt & Pepper Shakers MN. 680:
*Daisy Sugar Bowl MN. 681:
*Daisy Cream Pitcher MN. 682:
*Daisy Teapot MN. 683:
*Contour Large Ribbed Bowl MN. 685:
*Planter Bowl MN. 687:
*Contour Candleholders MN. 688:
*Little Girl Cookie Jar MN. 693D:
*Three Bears Cookie Jar MN. 696D:
*Chinese Terrace Vase MN. 698:
*Apron Wall Pocket MN. 699:
*Chinese Square Planter MN. 701:
*Modern Vase MN. 705:
*Square Leaf Vase MN. 708:
*Square Leaf Vase MN. 708D:
*Irregular Bowl MN. 709:
*Drape Planter MN. 710:
*Star Console Bowl MN. 713:
*Pair of Star Candleholders MN. 714:
*What Not Vase MN. A5:
*What Not Vase MN. A6:
*What Not Vase MN. C6:
*Flower Pot MN. P4:
*Large Flower Pot MN. P5:
*Soda Fountain Dispenser MN. 7244:
*Soda Fountain 'Pineapple' Dispenser MN. 7244:
*Conch Planter MN. UnKnown Late Artware Piece:
*Triangle Ashtray MN. Unknown:
*Abingdon Convention Mug 1990, Western Stoneware:
*Abingdon Pottery Collectors, 25th Anniversary 2002:

Rob Laurich

523-B East 85th Street Apt 2W
New York, NY 10028
United States