The Maria Allsopp Black Country Page

A bostin wench with the most wonderful accent

SoundFile A Sample for you to enjoy.

Large scale photographs may not be forthcoming as it is very risky to try and take photographs of Maria. I may end up in hospital as it is when she finds out about this small stamp like picture.

This is a translation into English of typical day to day speek for Maria.

Maria-Speech English
Bonk Ossis Horses that pull barges along the canal
Giz a bit o Kek Can i have a cake
Two keks to eight Two cakes to eat
Ai yo lot got nufin better to do Havent you lot got anything better to do
Jom your disk in the drive and bog off Put the disk in the drive and go away
Sum barmy bugger cliked on the wrong iconSomeone has selected the wrong icon
Yo varmint it day weark You rat It did not work
Yom a barmy bugger You are mad
Ya saft git You are daft
Yo car av one go an boil yor ed You cannot have one go and boil your head
Jom it in / Wang it in Put it in
Nothin for the likes of yon There is nothing for you
Yo car ave one You cannot have one
It ay dun it It has not done it
Cor be coapin with that I cannot cope with that
God that was yonks ago That was a long time ago
Ask the tall geaser Ask that tall chap
Ger out o it Dont joke with me
Eer if i fall over that il bash your ed in If i fall over that i will hit you
Ees got a bog rol to wipe is snoz He has got a toilet roll to wipe his nose
Wat yow doin What are you doing
Jom it up your dangler doofer Put it up Your ****
Car yo do it right cannot you do to correctly
Ge yer ons of mi spons Get you hands of my money
Wersa an wersa It is not geting any better
Oy A sid it I have not seen it
Oyve sid it I have seen it
O bum its brok off Oh dear it has broken
Yow lot get wuser an wuser You people are geting worse
I cud not spit a tannerI am very thirsty
Om dashin about like a bluearsed fly I am very busy
Goo on then jom it in the duufer dangler and bog offGo on then put it in that thing and go away
Is a git a e He is a git is he not
E a real a e He is not real is he
Me ed feels like shaz My head feels like shit
I cud slip a wick I could sleep for a week
Bob an dick Sick
Bostin Very good
Ta mutchly Thank you
Ossis Horses
Its ma Bowinks It is my dog

Bowinks This is Maria's Bowinks "BIXE "