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Well, the real reason that you came to this site is to listen to my radio show. Well, I hope, at least. Anyway, here is a little history behind the show. The show is a continuation from my previous show the Morrison Minutes. The Morrison Minutes was my first original radio show, so I was still working on it. The show featured some orignial sound effects: these sounds effect were recorded by me, the host. It also featured some original segments including the intressting "Chats with the Dead","Cuba Time", and my personal favorite original segment,"Voices on the Hill." "Voices on the Hill" featured interviews with figures from my college, Hampden-Sydney College.

However, I felt the Morrison Minutes failed becasue I felt bad about the show direction with lack of listener commentary. At this point, I was told by the station mangement that I was needed with the Morrison Minutes. My heart broke becasue I said on my last show that the show was ending. Racing with ideas, my mind came up with the concept for the Matthew Morrison Show; this revolutionary show would continue the Morrison Minutes' conservatives values with revolutionary commentary. So on the last Morrison Minutes program, I reveiled the Mathew Morrison Revolution would be continued on the Matthew Morrison Show.

The Matthew Morrison Show is featured on WWHS 92.1 FM Hampden-Sydney Radio at 6:00PM-8:00PM on Thursdays. Also, it is broadcast across the net by the school. So, click below to be connected to the Matthew Morrison Revolution.

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