The first big NES game. My boss ( at the time ) went to the 1990 winter CES and managed to sell this game idea to several interested parties. Oh, his idea- a game about Noah and his Ark. That's it, that's the whole game design! In retrospect however, it was a lot more informative and usefull than many I've come across by ( so-called ) professional designers.

It was never released in the states ( too many bugs in the ntsc version ) but the UK version got to number 1 in the charts- for about a week!


When the gameboy came out, I was interested into programming again. The processor in the gameboy was basically a cut-down Z80, something I'd worked on before. So I designed this clever puzzle game that ( from a technical standpoint ) was as simple as can be, so I could code it myself. It was given to someone else, who took 18 months and had to simplify the mechanics further. Indeed, he couldn't even get alternate graphics in the game- they're the same ALL THE WAY THROUGH!


Another NES game, it was an attempt to create a playable soccer game on the console. The graphics were all done ( at least to useable standard ) but the gameplay and logic failed to appear from the programmer...

Sir Eric..

A humorous RPG that grew out of a joke title;

"Sir Eric the Bold and his daring deeds of deliverance of a damsel in distress from the damsel in distress devouring demon dragon dungeons of death, doom dispair and destruction" TM

I can't believe I STILL remember the title after all this time

Work was stopped to work on Noah's ark, and never restarted ( shame! ).


My first Sega console game. I did the 5 levels graphics and layouts in about the same number of days AFTER my dayjob.

Also did some graphics for the Genesis ( Megadrive ) version.


My first SNES game, and my first game when I came to the states. It was rushed out in around 3 months, in time to meet the films release.

Gameplay- what gameplay? Won an award for worst sequel of all time


This was started when R&S were really hot, there were only 6 cartoons madeand Krisfalusi was still in charge. Working with Nickelodeon certainly made me appreciate what John K. was saying about the network being run by idiots...

I was really excited to work on this game, and did a lot of research to get things right. Unfortunately, I was taken off kicking and screaming to work on the film license 'Toys'. Still, I got to do the fluff stuff for the game.

Would've been the first SNES R&S game but was delayed with bugs and other things. Don't think it was ever released.


The game was nearly complete ( without me on it ) when Disney finaly commented on the graphics and rejected them outright. It was more a style than a quality issue- Disney stuff is 'smooth' and aliased. Rather than revamp and reshade what we had, the decision was to come up with new graphics- I ended up being drafted and created over half the background game graphics in 5 days ( of around 16 hours each! ). I did cheat in several cases, and just reshaded stuff that was previously drawn, or stole elements from here and there. The mushroom forest ( shown ) was all original though.


Very popular show, very good license to obtain, very little gameplay potential!

Took about 18 months to do, mainly because the designer took 9 months to come up with a design so incredably bad that he was removed from the project ( and he was considered a genius by management, not by the staff of course ). There followd another 3 months of unsucessful meeting to design the game ( YAWN! ) 'til we just took it over and produced a platform game out of it in 6 months.

We could've done a really nice platform game with the engine we came up with but, as usual, the license always conflicts with gameplay.