So Who Am I ?????

Well, I am ..... Oman's most eligible bachelor! Okay Muscat's most eligible bachelor! Okay, Okay Ruwi's most eligible bachelor! Okat that's it, my building's most eligible bachelor and that's FINAL. I will not settle for anything less!!!

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If    You    Really    Want    To    Know    More    About    Me,    Then    Read    ON!!!!!

Hi. I'm Sagar and I live in Muscat, Oman. For those of you who don't know where that is, buy yourself an Atlas!!!

Boring Personal Details:

D/O/B - 1st July 1972, Place of Birth - Khartoum, Sudan, Sex - MALE, Age - 25, Marital Status - Single, Nationality - Indian, Looks - 5'11, 72 Kgs, Black Hair & Light Brown Eyes, Well Built. In short, Extremely Handsome!!!, Education - BA (Hons) (Coventry) and MBA (Cardiff), Employment - Still searching for the right job!

Siblings - One younger brother. His name is Milan. He's CUTE. Any girls interested???

Interesting stuff about myself (well I think so anyway!):

Basically, I am a fun loving, laidback, outgoing kind of guy.

I love travelling, meeting people and making new friends. My travels have taken me to America, Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Iran, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Scotland, United Arab Emirates and Wales. And I must admit I really loved America. Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Seattle, the Roller Coasters, the food and last but definitely not the least the Women!!!

My hobbies include badminton, squash, tenpin bowling, cinemas, camping, music and going to nightclubs and watching American Football - by far the best game in the world. GO DOLPHINS!!!!!

A Big Hello To All My Friends !!!!!

I once read a nice poem about friends. It goes something like this:

True friends are like good books, You don't always use them but you know where they are in case you need them.

I think we all should keep that in mind while we think about who our true friends really are.

I would especially like to say hello to all my friends below:

Cardiff - Shahid the Dentist, Little Shahid, Dino, Jakes, Nadeem, Dil, Sid the Vicious, Sian, Natasha, Ming, Fahreen, Naila, Dave, Sabreen, Alicia, Meenu, Azwina, Andre, Tasneem, Sapna, Arwa (she is in Bristol really) and last but not least Talu the Malu.

London - Farooq, Kofi, Kunal, Mitesh, Seema, Loretta, Sue, Kirti, Jesal, Pooja, Kalpesh, Kushal, Jinendra & Sangeetha.

Coventry - Biran, Anjni, Hemanti, Kavit, Manish, Dania, Hatib & Rishi.

America - Neal, Niket, Purvi, Poonam, Sarah, Dora, Darin, Dave, Erin, Brian (Bazza), Carrie-Ann, Scott, Rahul, Asha, Sabeen, Noshin, Arun, Ankush, Anirudh, Manu, Gitanjali, Amit, Sid & Emethius.

Canada - Keith & Shital (I think I need to make more Canadian friends!)

India - Deepali, Bhavita, Ketul, Sachin, Jitesh, Pintu, Rupali, Shraddha, Jenu, Jignesh, Nehal, Jyoti, Simi, Deven & my main man Dhiren the Pilot. Warning: He has officially started flying commercial planes so guys before you board your flight always ask who the Pilot is???

Malaysia - Lana, Jo, Sanjay & Harshinder.

Africa - Hiten, Bhavesh, Nishma, Hishma, Jay, Shahnawaz (soon to be Africa's leading businessman) and Neeru.

Australia - Mattonda (the Donut Man) and Vinal. G'day Mates.

Dubai - Ajay, Lalit and Bobby.

Oman: The PDO Heights Posse - Ismail, Girish, Clyde, Sujit, Tina, Ritesh & Patty.

Sur Night Club posse - Muna, Shefali, Natasha & Maresha.

And not forgetting - Vishal, Heena, Hiten, Meena, Devanshi, Chippy, Ashwin, Shoaib, Chetan, Ashish, Vicky & all the staff at Legend Computers LLC.

For those of you who know me well you'll see that there is one name missing amongst all these. I haven't forgotten but I have intentionally kept her name till the end. Poonam, thanks for being a wonderful friend and always being there for me.

Good Luck to you all & Love Always, Sagar

Enough Chit Chat, Let's get to the pictures shall we?

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Photos of Friends: