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Order The Starr Report

From The Publisher:

WASHINGTON, September 9, 1998

Dear Mr. Speaker and Representative Gephardt:

Today this office has delivered to the sergeant-at-arms, the Honorable Wilson Livingood, 36 sealed boxes containing two complete copies of a referral to the House of Representatives. This referral is filed in conformity with the requirements of Title 28, United Sates Code, Section 595(c), which provides that "[a]n independent counsel shall advise the House of Representatives of any substantial and credible information which such independent counsel receives...that may constitute grounds for an impeachment."

--from Kenneth W. Starr's letter to Congress

Gender Issues

Order Promiscuities

Promiscuities follows a group of adolescent girls as they gradually become aware of themselves as sexual beings and discover what our culture tells them being female means. Drawing on her own experiences as well those of her contemporaries, Naomi Wolf reveals the secrets of our coming of age: the sexual games, forbidden crushes, losses of virginity, and rites of initiation. She also uncompromisingly examines the darker territories of abortion, the influences of the sex industry, and sexual violence that underlie contemporary girl's struggle for womanhood. By bringing into light our relationship to the "shadow slut" that conditions our sexual development, Promiscuities explores how the sexual experiences of the adolescent years determine women's sense of their own value as adults, and envisions how we could better guide girls through the "normatively shocking" landscape they now inhabit. Finally, Wolf looks at the popular culture of the recent past, as well as at the history and mythology of female desire, to show how our "liberated" culture still fears and distorts female passion. Bold and candid, funny and revelatory, Wolf's stories illustrate the fear and excitement, the fantasies and sometimes crippling realities, that make up a young contemporary woman's journey of erotic and emotional discovery.

More on the Clinton/Lewinsky Scandal

Order the Death of Outrage

More on President Clinton's behaviour in office: An outrage or just another news story?

On teaching our children values for life

Order Teaching Your Children Values

A must for concerned parents

From The Publisher:

One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is a strong sense of personal values. Helping your children develop such values as honesty, trustworthiness, and self-discipline is as important in their education as teaching them to cross the street safely. The values you teach your children are their best protection from the influences of peer pressure and the temptations of consumer culture. With their own values clearly defined, your children can make their own decisions -- rather than imitate their friends or the latest fashions.

In Teaching Your Children Values Linda and Richard Eyre present a practical, proven, month-by-month program -- full of proven meathods for teaching values to kids of all ages. With games, family activities, and value-building exercises, their program can help you develop a family relationship that is strong, caring, and supportive.

On the Subject of Justice

Order Promise of Justice: The 14 Year Fight to Save Four Innocent Men

In this expose of an astonishing case of legal incompetence, Protess, a professor of journalism and urban affairs at Northwestern University, and Warden, a Chicago freelance investigative journalist, detail the inept police work, perjured testimony and mistakes of defense attorneys that combined to convict four African American males of crimes they did not commit. Childhood friends who grew up in East Chicago, the "Ford Heights Four"--Dennis Williams, Kenny Adams, Willie Rainge and Verneal Jimerson--were arrested and found guilty of the 1978 double rape and murder of a white couple. Warden, receiving a letter in 1982 from Williams on death row, became persuaded that the convictions were based on tainted evidence and published an article on the case in Chicago Lawyer. Appeals, retrials and other strategies failed to free the men until Protess joined the struggle with three of his students and a team of volunteer lawyers. Their investigation of police files, the use of new forensic technologies and interviews with those connected with the case helped lead to the arrests of the real killers. In 1996 the Ford Heights Four were released. Notwithstanding their dramatic portrayal of a heroic effort, against all odds, to rectify the failures of the justice system, some troubling errors in the writers' account lead one to wonder if all their facts have been thoroughly checked.

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