A Review by Radhakrishnan Subramanian
Indian audiences have rejected many classics in the past due to some inexplicable reasons. KAAGAZ KE PHOOL and MERA NAAM JOKER remain prime examples of the same. The latest in the line is GUNAA a tamil film which was released in 1991 and remains one of the greatest films ever made in India in the commercial format.The film can be considered as poetry on celluloid.This film directed by SANTHANAM BHARATHI and acted by KAMAL HAASAN can boast of excellence in all departments in film making.
The film revolves around a mad yet brilliant man obsessed with the concept of SHAKTI(KAMAL HAASAN giving a mind blowing performance here) which ultimately leads him to kidnap ROSHINI(making her debut)to a dilipidated church in the kodaikanal hills amidst a sensational attempt to rob the vaults of a temple.What ensues is a fascinating look at the changing nature of the girl's attitude towards the man from utter contempt initially to love at the end.To reveal the end to this beauty and beast saga would be the stupidest thing a film critic could ever do as this would rob the reader of the real thrill when he watches the movie.
The other assets of the film apart from Kamal's bravura performance are VENU'S cinematography. This cinematographer (of AMARAM and PONTHAN MADA fame)subtly captures the stark interiors of the red light areas to the greenery of the kodaikanal hills with utmost smoothness. ILLAYARAJA's music score is brilliant combining the verses of the ABHIRAMI ANDADHI sloks to songs .The art direction is also of international callibre.All in all a film which you can miss only at your own risk.
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