Roman army bibliography

by Sander van Dorst.

This bibliography is based on my collection of books and articles on the Roman army and its enemies. The material is very much dependent on my personal interest in subjects. Some subjects like the Roman navy are therefore poorly represented.

Last update: 4th of February 2007.

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The Roman army bibliography

Reading Suggestions

As a good introduction to the Roman army for the generally interested reader I recommend A. Goldsworthy's Roman warfare from the Cassell history of warfare series and J. Hackett's Warfare in the ancient world. For students I would suggest reading Y. LeBohec's L'armée Romaine, available in an English translation as The imperial Roman army, A.K. Goldsworthy's The Roman army at war 100BC-AD200, L. Keppie's The making of the Roman army and B. Campbell's War and society in imperial Rome 31 BC - 284AD as well as his The emperor and the Roman army 27BC-AD235. For study of Roman armour and weaponry M.C. Bishop and J.C. Coulston's Roman military equipment and M. Fuegère's Les armes des Romains provide an excellent overview. The books by Peter Connolly, though aimed at the youth, are deserving of an adult public as well and highly recommendable for their well researched texts and superior artwork.

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    AJAH = American Journal of Ancient History.
    AJPh = American Journal of Philology.
    ANRW = Aufstieg und Niedergang der Römischen Welt.
    AW = Armeen und Waffen.
    BARi = British Archaeological Reports International Series.
    BJ = Bonner Jahrbücher.
    BROB = Berichten van de Rijksdienst voor Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek.
    E = Elite.
    GRBS = Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies.
    JHS = Journal of Hellenic Studies.
    JRMES= Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies.
    JRS= Journal of Roman Studies.
    MAA= Men-At-Arms.
    MilIll= Military Illustrated.
    ShA= Shire Archaeology.
    TAPhA= Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association.
    W= Warrior.
    ZPE= Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik.


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