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Stephen King is the author of more than thirty worldwide bestseller. Much of his work has made its way to movie and television screens around the world. Stephen King lives in Bangor, Maine, with his wife, the novelist Tabitha King. He refuses to go into the cellar of his home, having come to believe that a velociraptor is waiting for him under the stairs by the fusebox with its eyes gleaming and its nasty little claws outstretched. The reason he writes horror, "I've always written horror...because it's a kind of psychological protection. It's like drawing a magic circle around myself and my family. My mother always used to say,'If you think the worst, it can't come true' I know that's only a superstition, but I've always believed that if you think the very worst, then, no matter how bad things get(and in my heart I've always been convince that they can get pretty bad), they'll never get as bad as that. If you write a novel where the bogeyman gets somebody else's children, maybe they'll never get your own children..."


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