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Hi kids! Smokey here again! Since everyone knows I just like to have fun, here's some really cool places I've come across in my internet travels that are especially for kids. There's lots of fun things to do and see. Hope you enjoy them too!


GARDFIELD ON-LINE - A fun site for kids who love that crasy cat Garfield. There's games, read the comics, a Garfield Chat, meet the gang and more.

NeoPets - A must visit site for kids. Here you can create your own on-line pet to care for. Feed, play , give it toys, etc. There's a whole virtual world, chat,email and more.

Virtual Kitty - Adopt an on-line virtual kitty or puppy. Then visit to play with and feed your pet. Really cute.

Fun With Felines - A cats guide to humans; an age chart; astrology, bathing, physics, games and much more. Good site.

Seussville - A cool place to play shockwave games, contests, ask the cat and more.

PetCat - Enter this site as a guest or have a parent register you. Create a virtual pet, a diary, ecards, and a playground with shockwave games.

CBC4Kids - For kids 8 - 13 with a clubhouse, games, jokeshop, pets, scavenger hunt, tongue twisters and lots more to do.

Billy Beaver's Game Show - Take your pick of arcade, puzzle or word games. There's mases, tic-tac-toe, simon says & match games. So many things to pick from.

Cool Kids - Play games, chat,get a penpal, jion their free club and lots more to do.

Kids Com - Just for kids - (Parents must register for some things to be enabled here) Lots of things to do like make your own music with "Skeeter's Music Machine", make new friends and more.

Comics.Com - If you just like reading the funnies this is the place to read them. Me being a cat, my favorite of course is "FatCat". There's lots of comics here to pick from.

Eek the Cat - Haven't seen the TV show but the site look cute with a few games to play, an episode guide, links, downloads and things.

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