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    A little about me? What do I say? Well for starters, the first thing is that I'm female and have a great love for cats! All animals I guess, but cats are my favorite. I live in Calgary, Canada and have been here for 3 years now; but orginally was born and raised in Nova Scotia, the prettiest province in Canada, to me that is. I've lived for a number of years in Texas, before coming back to my favorite country. CANADA! I'm very friendly and enjoy meeting all kinds of new and interesting people from all over, as long as they are nice ones. I'm definitely not interested in all the nasty things that are out on the web, just the nice sites. Oh, I guess I should mention that I'm very honest :-)



I'm married with a 28 year old son who lives in Alberta as well and as I said I have 2 cats (Shadow and Smokey). They are quite entertaining and sometimes Smokey can be a handful. They even enjoy going on camping trips with us. We also have a little feral female cat who we befriended and who has adopted us as hers, that we look after now. She's not comfortable inside with the other 2 cats, so we've made her a nice bed in the shed. With lots of patience and kindness she's become a very lovable little cat who now owns US, LOL!!.


Friends are very special people to me. I know a lot of people but only a few I consider friends. Them, I would do anything for, and they for me. That is how I view friendship. I'm sorry, but I have to say that I very much detest fair-weather friends. You must know the type. They're the ones who always take but never give anything in return. Who aren't there when you really need someone. I'd have to say that my very best friend lives in Louisiana and we chat on the internet whenever possible. I also have a very dear and special friend who lives close to me here in Calgary, who I think the world of her and her family. My wish is that these friendships will last my lifetime!


I collect unicorn figurines,(and I'm getting quite a good collection at that) and surf the internet. I also love to play RPG games on the nintendo64 and have tried them on the net. Quite different I must say! I love to read anything done by Stephen King and get each new novel that he puts out, as he is my favorite author. I've read everything he has ever written. I enjoy keeping in touch with my very best friend who moved to the states through video chat, and have also met a few very nice people through the chat as well. I think my favorite accomplishment was creating this website which was dedicated to helping all animals, and to help speak out for them. It took a lot of time, patience as well as a few shed tears in creating it, but the end results have been very satisfying, in that I've been able to help others in little small ways. In my opinion that is everything, and if you've read this far I'd really like to say Thank You for stopping by and visiting at Saffire's "House of Cats".!