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Hi all! Smokey here. That's me in the picture!

If you just came from visiting Shadows' page then you'll be able to tell that I'm the cool cat in the family. He's the goodie-four-shoes. I think he's a sissy.

Shhhh, I'm gonna tell you a secret but don't tell on me. See my cool background? The cool kitty with the shades on? Well mom said I had to change it to make it match the rest of the site & I said, "sure OK". My secret is that I'm not gonna do it! That's for sissys like Shadow! This background is the coolest like me! I figure if mom doesn't find out then I'll be able to keep my cool background. So remember, shhhhh, don't tell on me.

I'm a whole one and a half years old and mom said since Shadow has a page that I can have my own page too. COOL! I picked the walking black cat to put on my page cause it looks like me running around the house.

Now my brother Shadow calls me a pest but I just like to play. Hey, he runs from me when I wrestle with him...that's how tough I am. Then when he gets madat me, he thumps me good. Maybe I'm not all that tough, but don't tell him that. I love him cause he lets me snuggle up to him and washed me when I was little. Plus he helped mom teach me the house rules. Boy! All the rules! No climbing the curtains, not allowed on the table, stove, counter or fridge. Gee, that's where all the fun stuff is! Anyway, do you like this sign?


I like it cause mom always says I'm not ordinary and I learn real fast. I try to be real helpful to my mom too. When she does laundry and hangs the clothes in the basement, I know where they're suppose to be. So I'll sometimes take them off the line for her and take them all the way up to the bedroom and put them on the bed for her. Gee, I'm just being helpful. It's not my fault they're still sometimes wet! Mom's the one who made them wet!

Then if mom happens to forget to put her jewelry away, I hide it for her so no one will steal it. She gets upset with me though cause I forget where I put it. Gee, I'm only being helpful!


I like that sign cause Shadow and I sleep every night on the bed with mom and dad. There's lots of roomfor us! Now, my favorite game is finding anything that I can pick up in my mouth, carry it to the top of the stairs and batting it all the way to the bottom. Heehee, that's 2 flights of stairs! I just love the noise it makes, but I get in trouble if I do it through the night, so I wait till the daytime now.

I used to have a stash of fun toys but mom found them and took them away. Wow, I had clothes pins, pens, some of moms' jewelry,a couple of lighters, even a small screwdriver! They were so fun to play with, but I'm only allowed to have my kitty toys.


Hey, here's a picture of my cousin Olivia. Isn't she cute? I think she is! She lives all the way down in Nova Scotia and I got a crush on her 'cause she's so cute. She's a lot like me too 'cause she likes to be helpful just like me. She get in trouble with her mom too when she tries to be helpful. Her mom says she gets into things too much. She's a little older now but still just as pretty. Mmmmmm!

I love living here though, better than where I was born. I get lots of love here. Gee, where I was born there was a little boy who would throw me down the stairs when I was first learning to walk around on my own and would hit me on my head. So when I first came to live with my new family when I was 6 weeks old I was really scared, but now I know my new mom wouldn't let anybody hurt me.

Well I gotta go now. My mom says I had the computer long enough. But I'd like to ask if you have any room for a sweet kitty, please give them a good home. They need you!

This is my very favorite sign


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