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Welcome, to the Mizuno Ami/Amy Anderson Shrine, Dedicated to the Greatest Senshi/Scout of them All- Sailor Mercury! Here you will find Info, comments, links, quotes, projects and other cool stuff! So sit tight and enjoy the world of my favorite Senshi/Scout- Sailor Mercury! So like I said-  just sit back for a while and enjoy this page..... all about Amy!

Little note for little amis: When every you see a little ami () that means that it's new! Aren't they cute? It got 'em from a JP site!

"A Star of Water, Mercury is my guardian deity. The Soldier of Wisdom! SailorStarMercury!"
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Information on Amy/Ami

Stories about Amy/Ami

Qoutes from Ami/Amy

Why I like Amy/Ami the best

Comments On Ami's Attacks and Transformations

Ami No Hatsukoi Pics

Amy/Ami Multimedia

The Universal Question

Project A.M.Y.

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