Does Use of Essential Oils Baffle YOU? Or EO--101

The only essential oils I recommend are NATURE SUNSHINE. The 4 ADs in the boxes are NOT my ADs; they are placed here by Tripod/Lycos

Most essential oils(EO's) contain the healing qualities of the plant and can be used to aid healing of cuts, wounds, burns, bacterial and fungal infections through topical application or inhalation. We've used essential oils many times, and know they work!

Almost ALL essential oils should be diluted before use. Some are very irritating to the skin full strength. Never use essential oils internally without direction from your holistic doctor!

BERGAMOT - Promotes confidence & courage. Eases tension, anxiety, worry and depression. Helps regulate menstrual cycle, relieve P.M.S. / menopause.Antiseptic properties aid skin problems such as acne. Helps heal cold sores. (Dilute with carrier oil). Caution: Increases photosensitivity: don't apply before exposure to direct sunlight. Stock # 3900-5

CHAMOMILE - Gentle, calming, soothing. Eases depression, stress, anger and irritability. Aids insomnia. Soothing massage for painful muscles or joints. Stock # 3901-6

CLARY SAGE - Brings tranquillity to the mind and emotions, calms anxiety. Promotes deep sleep and vivid dreams. Helps regulate menstrual cycle and relieve P.M.S. Regenerates skin cells, excellent for skin care. Promotes hair growth. Don't use during pregnancy.Stock #3903-1

EUCALYPTUS - Purifies and clears negative energy. Helps alleviate grief and sorrow. Antiseptic and antimicrobial properties useful for respiratory infections(use in vaporizer,etc).Stock #3904-9

FRANKINCENSE -Aids in obsessive behavior; emotions linked to the past.With carrier oil great for mature skin.Stock # 3904-9

GERANIUM PELARGONIUM GHRAVELOENS: It is a mild analgesic and sedative, and may be used for neuralgia, and where there is pain of perhaps more nervous that physical origin. As an analgesic-cicatrisant-antiseptic it is an excellent remedy for burns, renowned for its efficacy. Geranium can be used in the treatment of inflammation, with its mild, soothing effect. The action on the nervous system is pronounced, being a sedative with uplifting characteristics. Balance during the menopause. Insect repellent; treatment of lice and ringworm. It blends well with Clary, Rose, Sandalwood, Lavender, and Chamomile,among others. Stock # 3905-3

GRAPEFRUIT ,Pink (CITRUS PARADISI) Refreshing and reviving, especially when feeling down this oil clears the mind and uplifts the spirits.Often recommended as part of anti cellulite blends because of its toning and astringent effects. A Powerful purifier! Safety; Do NOT use undiluted. Stock # 3906-7

LAVENDER (LAVENDULA OFFICINALIS) Brings clarity, peace of mind, emotional balance. Eases insomnia, depression, stress, impatience, worry and shock. Helps regulate cycle /P.M.S. Helps alleviate headaches. Strong antiseptic and antimicrobial properties useful for burns & wounds, colds, flu, and skin irritations.Calms or stimulates according to your bodies needs; soothes tired muscles, lowers blood pressure, has been used for palpitations, tachycardia and arrhythmia.Treats burns and reduces scaring. May use undiluted. Your EO first-aid "kit". Do not use during pregnancy.

NOTE:Lavandin is a hybrid plant, a cross between true lavender and spike lavender Nature Sunshine unlike other companies NEVER cut their products--even with other species--Stock #3906-7

LEMON(CITRUS LIMONUM) - Promotes mental clarity and decisiveness. Energizing, brings cheer and humor . Aids healing of wounds and infections. Dilute before using.Caution: Increases photosensitivity: don't apply before exposure to direct sunlight. Is a key component in most anti-cellulite blends. Health, healing, physical energy, purification Stock #3908-2

PATCHOULI - Encourages individuality, centeredness and stability. Alleviates fatigue, confusion and depression. Helps regenerate skin cells, useful for skin problems. The effects on the mind & emotions are euphoric, nerve stimulant and might interfer with sleep, as it can be over-stimulating for some! Considered an aphrodisiac. Stock # 3909-0

PEPPERMINT (MENTHA ARVENSIS) Stimulating and penetrating. Clears the head and soothes the emotions; relieves tired feet and mind. A useful oil when travelling. A piercing menthol fragrance. Clears the head,promotes clear thinking and refreshes.Always dilute and DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY Stock # 3910-9

PINE (Sylvestris Pinus sylvertris) It’s familiar smell (often used in cleansers and disinfectants) signals its infection fighting properties. Physically, it helps fight any type of respiratory infection, and encourages the flow of mucous, making it helpful in cases of bronchitis and sinus infections. It can stimulate circulation, helping ease muscle aches and pains and joint stiffness. Emotionally, it is said to be strengthening. Muscles/joints: relieves , combats stiffness in the joints, used for arthritis, gout, rheumatism, sciatica. Stock # 3911-5

ROSE BULGARIA - Awakens, inspires and brightens the heart. Enhances creativity and invokes appreciation of beauty and harmony. Relieves tension,depression, sadness and grief. Balances and regulates female reproductive system.Aids regeneration of skin cells, excellent for skin problems and general skin care.In a carrier oil it will go a LONG way! A tonic for the female reproductive system. a sensual and delightful oil, romantic, creative, gently cheering. Aromatherapist say, “The most potent love oil “ Safety;Do NOT use during the first 4 months of pregnancy. Stock # 3912-0

ROSEMARY - Promotes self-confidence, courage. Stimulates mental clarity,memory recall, and creativity. Rejuvenates skin cells. Stimulates hair growth. Aids healing of wounds. Rosemary should not be used during pregnancy or by epileptics. The oil should be used with caution if suffering from high blood pressure, hypertension or insomnia. Skin irritation may occur with sensitive individuals. Stock # 3914-8

SWEET THYME (THYMUS VULGARIS LINALOL) Traditionally stimulant to circulatoary, immune, respiratory and nervous system. relaxing pain-relieving, used for arthritis, muscular , sprains,rheumatism.Aids bronchitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, sore throat, tonsilitis. Invigorating, used for , mental and physical exhaustion, depression/headache, insomnia and stress, insomnia, and improves memory.Toxic in HIGH doses. Safety: Do not use during pregnancy, or with SMALL children. Stock # 3913-2

TEA TREE - Antibacterial and antifungal oil useful for treating acne, cold sores,eczema, rashes, candida. Useful for many types of wounds, burns, and infections. May use full strength. Stock # 3916-6

YLANG LANG-PMS and menopausal mood swings It is said to calm anger, release tension, lift depression and generally stabilize mood swings. Recent research indicates that inhaling ylangylang before the onset of a seizure may help control seizures Non-toxic ; but due to its strong scent, should be used in moderation (over use has caused headache, in some). Stock # 3917-7

DO NOT expect cheaper (blended ) Essential oils to deliver the results you’d like to see. NATURE’s SUNSHINE does not skimp on quality and does not blend other species with their essential oils--only the best will do for Nature’s Sunshine!

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