Naydine Juracy Almeida

I was born on

May 31st, 2000 - 10:35 PM


Royal Hospital, Muscat - Oman

My birth weight

3.2 Kilograms

My birth length

57 Centimeters




My Momma and Dada together with cousin Denise,

enjoy Sizzling Steaks and Beef Chilly, the night before I arrived.

Here I am, at about 10 minutes old, a little worried about life, in general...

...............and the irritating dogtag on my foot !

Together with the midwife who half yanked me out !

Peaceful and calm with my Momma, who has the "Forget it Sanford - No More" look

Dada should quit grinning and get down to saving for my college !

A happy family, aren't we ?

Grandpa, at home with another one....

Gramma and me, together with Mama

With Aunty Serena

With my Godmother, Angela - Hell, I look saintly already !

Mama being wheeled out of the delivery suite into the ward, hoi kabisa !!!


My Christening Pictures

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