The Essence of Fire
(from me to God)

 By some strange power you have burned yourself into me. 
 Left your imprint on my flesh,
 Carved your initials on my very bones.
 It is impossible for me to forget You.
 How often I've tried, yet
  my spirit betrays me by calling out your name.
 I cannot fight against You.
 Still I try my best.
 Fighting You I battle myself,
 for You are an innate part of me.
 So I give up, surrendering to a gracious Victor
 who treats His captives well.
 You are in the wind, and rain, clouds, stars,
 even the very planets.
 But they cannot contain You. 
 Standing in the sunshine I feel you there.
 In the cool breeze on my face I sense Your presence.
 Your fragrance is in the flowers,
 Your voice ever in my spirit.
 I do not understand the simple song of the bird,
 but You taught them that song.
 You created me,
 made me all I am,
 and gave me all I have.
 So I yield to you totally.
 For You are the essence of fire.
~Sarah Broussard~