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Sargon's Chess Sets are produced by highly skilled designers and craftsmen. The richness of the Pewter Polished finish and the attention to detail of each individual peice, creates a chess set that continues to be a high quality commodity. Each chess set is unique and designed to be a one of kind prize. All the figurines originate from bars of high quality pewter and are then machine polished and buffed to a silver shine. The bases are unique and custom made specially for these sets. They are of a unique tailored design that only Sargons Chess Co. produces. The kings on both sides stand over 3 inches tall and the bases are 1 inch in diameter. There are Brass and Nickle plate finishing rings on the tops and bottoms of each felted base. No two sets are ever completely alike due to their being hand-crafted by highly skilled artisans and are not mass produced in a factory.

The pictures Listed below show some of the most unique hand-crafted, and highly treasured, one of kind chess sets, in the world. These sets would cost well over $535.00 if sold by a major brand company.

Simply Email or phone us for information,(509) 482-3025. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about these unique chess sets.


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