Erotic Art by Alex.J.G.

                          All Erotic Art lovers Welcome to my Gallery!

                                            Here you will find  images of beautiful             

                                            ladies in silky,sheer,and latex stockings,and high heel shoes.                                                                                                                           




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                 "Bride Hunting"                   "Wet Latex"                        "Leg Show"                   "Cat's Instinct"


      undres.jpg (24792 bytes)           golgh.jpg (20152 bytes)            backw.jpg (17264 bytes)            greenf.jpg (23759 bytes)            imagin.jpg (24280 bytes)

        "Undressing"            "Golden Heels"              "Back View"            "Green Feathers"           "Imagination"  


All original works: 22"/27" on paper board.

Black & white: graphit pencil

Color: pastel pencil.






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