Scott Michaud's Northern Maine Genealogy

Covering the Michaud & Waite Families of Northern Maine

(And the related families of McLaughlin, Daigle, Lachance, Martin, Cyr, Smyth, Nason, Bertholf, Inness, Sublett, and Boynton)

~ Je Me Souviens ~

Katahdin from Millinocket Camp
by Frederic Church

In 1877, Church built a cabin on 400 acres on the south shore of Millinocket Lake. This is the view from that cabin. He presented this painting to his wife, Isabel, on her 59th birthday.

"Thus a man shall lead his life away here on the edge of the wilderness, on Indian Millinocket stream, in a new world, far in the dark of a continent, and have a flute to play at evening here, while his strains echo to the stars, amid the howling of wolves...
What a place to live, what a place to die and be buried in! There certainly men would live forever, and laugh at death and the grave...

Die and be buried who will,
I mean to live here still;
My nature grows ever more young
The primitive pines among."

FROM: "The Maine Woods" by Henry David Thoreau, 1846

Tracing tangled family roots
through the woods
of northern Maine

[Michaud, Daigle, Waite, Boynton, Nason, Smyth, Inness, Sublett, Lachance, Martin, Haskell, Cyr, Bertholf,
McLaughlin, and others]