The National Military Working Dog Team Monument

by Anthony Quickle

The National War Dogs Monument

This design for a life-size National Military Working Dog Team Monument, was selected by the Membership of the Vietnam Dog Handler Association for their National War Dog Memorial project with an expected placement in Washington DC upon pending Congressional approval.

It is a realistic portrayl of a War Dog Team - Handler and Dog at the initial moment of the dog's alert. Around the sloped granite base (whose angles and materials will echo the design of the nearby Vietnam Veterans Wall), are placed three narrative plaques which will tell the history of the modern War Dog Team, the Great Seals of our Armed Forces, and three 24" bronze relief portraits of the most commonly utilized modern War Dogs; the German Shepherd, the Doberman Pinscher, and the Labrador Retriever. An alternate copyrighted version of the base elements utilizes laser and acid etching directly on the Granite for the narrative text, the 3 dog portraits and the Great Seals.

The accompanying photos are snapshots of the scale model by Anthony Quickle. This design maquette was previewed before the membership of the VDHA in October 2002. Quickle's winning design was selected in a year long competition from an original field of 300+ sculptors. It is the only "War Dog" Monument design formulated with the active input of Vietnam Veteran Dog-Handlers and overwhelmingly approved by a vote of the entire Vietnam Dog Handlers Association Membership. This is the official design selected by these Military Veteran Dog Hndlers, and the monument will be erected by through private funding upon approval of the authorizing legislation currently before Congress.

The memorial sculpture is planned for seven feet tall and 8 feet across at the widest part of the base. The sculpture of the Dog Handler, the War Dog, the plaques, military seals and relief portraits are all cast in bronze and mounted on a one foot thick granite base. Contained within the granite base & under the bronze plaque immediately under the raised paw of the German Shepherd is a weatherproof vault, containing engraved metal plaques listing War Dog identifiers (tattoo, service number, or name), with an additional plaque listing all KIA Handlers and K-9's that gave their life in combat. The dog's left paw is raised slightly, in a protective gesture over this "honor roll". Symbolically, the raised paw of the Dog is a tribute to all War Dogs that died in the service of this country.

Comments on the design from the public are encouraged and welcomed by artist at the below email address or by telephone. Inquiries on available alternative designs of the monument (Police K-9 or Search & Rescue Teams, smaller size, etc.)from interested organizations or individuals are welcome.

Sculpture, Memorial design, and all images Copyright Anthony Quickle, 2001

Anthony Quickle
(912) 222-6562

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