The Realm of Shadow's Juke Box

Ah Hah: "Take me On"
Def Lepard: "Two Steps Behind"
Beach Boys: California Dreams
Right Said Fred: I'm too Sexxy
Betty's Eyes (?): Not sure who wrote this one, but its cool
Dust in the Wind: A nice song
Open Arms: Another nice song
White Zombie: This is cool
Queen: "Who Wants to Live Forever"
Queen: "Another One Bites the Dust"
Europe: "Final Count Down"
Guns N' Roses: Paradise City
Gun's 'n Roses: "Knocking on Heavens Door"
Its an all right midi: How Bizzare
AC/DC: HighWay to Hell
Nine Inch Nails: excellent stuff here
Nine Inch Nails: "something I can Never Have"
Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Nirvana: "Heart Shaped Box"
Metallica: "Creeping Death"
Metallica: "Ain't My Bitch"
Monty Python: "Life of Brain"
Garth Brooks: "The Dance"

Interesting: It sounds good
Mortal Kombat!: The theme song used for the movie
Killer Instinct 2: The theme music
Wing Commander: The theme to the first game
Final Fantasy 7: The Battle music
Its the music from Tomb Raider : Lara Croft :}~
Its the music from Tomb Raider : More Lara Croft :}~

Woo Hoo: That funky song from StarShip Troopers!
Theme song to Babylon 5: B5 theme
Another one from Babylon 5: Its just music from the show
Escape From L.A.: Pretty cool Midi from the movie
BladeRunner: The Theme song
Blade Runner: An alternate sounds a bit better
Star Trek: the Next Generation: the theme
Superman: The Superman theme
Star Wars Theme: The song we all know by heart
Alt. Star Wars Theme: The song we all know by heart
Darth Vader's Theme: The song we all know by heart
Airwolf: The 80's helicopter tv show theme
Space: Above and Beyond: The theme
Dr. Who: The BBC sci-fi TV series....a true classic
Dr. Who remake: The remake of the classic....and still good
The New Adventures of Superman: The show still on TNT
Mission: Impossible: The movie theme
Rocky: The classic theme
Rocky training Montage: More rocky!

Redoubtable: A good little tingler
Suspense: A suspenseful kinda piece
Demon: A dark moody piece
Eerie: another dark moody piece
Unknown Future: Dark Sci Fi type piece
The Death of Asa: A sad and dark piece
Dragon Stance: It sounds very cool and Oriental
Vampire: A gothic vampire peice
SSGutter: A slow goth peice
Tolkien: A Fantasy song from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
The Riders of Rohan: Another one from Tolkien

The 4 Horse Men theme: WCW
Outsiders intro music: WCW
Stings intro music: WCW
Stings intro music: WCW alternate
Hulk Hogan: Old WWF
Hulk Hogan: Old WWF
Dangerous Alliance: WCW
Diamond Dallas Page: WCW
Goldberg: WCW
Hollywood Hogan: WCW
Theme song for Cactus Jack: WWF
DarkSide: A better version of the Undertakers music, WWF
Undertakers Theme: WWF
Undertaker's alternate theme: WWF
Bret Hart's Theme: WWF version
Owen Hart's Theme: WWF version
Shawn Michaels: Its another WWF theme
Another one I liked: Dont know what it is
I thought it was nice: I dunno


Well I hope you enjoy my collection of midi's. Keep in mind I did not write or conduct these songs. I do not hold any copy rights and are free for the taking. If you use any for your web site I encourage you to save the song then upload it to your own site. If you have any Midi's worth sharing just email me. Thanks.

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