This is the way to all those other helpful places for DJ Shadow info on the Web. Don't worry about getting stuck in frames because you won't.

The first port of call for anybody interested in DJ Shadow should be the highly informative Endtroducing Banner site. It has a very comprehensive discography, a regularly up-dated news page and links to various interviews amd other helpful items. This really is an excellent resource and while it is a bit short on graphics, that does make it relatively quick.

An excellent, if somewhat dated article on DJ Shadow, including sound clips, though I'm not sure these work as I don't have a sound card, called The Soul Of A Shadow is well worth checking out.

If you are interested in finding out where Shadow has found the samples which make up his music, or know any and would like to donate this knowledge to others, check out DOP's sample site .

You can also try the Mo Wax Logosite, but the last time I went there it was a serious non-event.

Finally, you can use the form below to search the site.

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