Images for the Home Haunter



The images on this page are intended to help the home haunter come up with realistic and accurate designs for their tombstones. I have tried to include mostly the older marble tombstones that would be easy to re-produce out of styrofoam insulation sheeting.

Pay attention to the placement of the tombstones when setting up your graveyard on Halloween. In the Fairview Cemetery in West Liberty, Ohio, the tombstones are placed between 2 and 3 feet apart, with about 8 feet between the rows.

Also notice the styles of lettering, the bases of the tombstones, and the plant growth around them. Many cemeteries have their share of broken and fallen-down tombstones. And rarely are all of them completely perpendicular to the ground.

Tombstone Images

 Fairview Cemetery - DeGraff, Ohio

 Fairview Cemetery - West Liberty, Ohio  

Zanesfield Cemetery - Zanesfield, Ohio




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