Halloween Video



NOTE: The Halloween video clip is temporarily unavailable due to Tripod's limitation on bandwidth. I consider the rest of the site more important for the majority of people viewing it, and do not want access limited due to the downloading of this video.  

The video will return in early November after the majority of Halloween traffic on this site has subsided.


This video clip is (probably) of a youth group going through the cemetery. When I first saw them enter, I was shocked at the number of people that were allowed through the gate at once. I soon realized, however, that this was going to be very, very interesting.

From the first scene with the doll to the ending scare, this video is hilarious to watch and is well worth the time.


This was by far the largest group that has ever gone through at once, although groups about half to one quarter the size were common.

The Body Slinger was a little slow, since another prop which operated on a lower air pressure was on the same line, and I had to make a compromise for safety. The body Slinger also was tilting to the side since it was not on level ground.

Only about 3/4 of the graveyard is visible through the video. In this clip, the ending scene probably wasn't as effective as it could have been due to the extremely large number of people trying to exit at once. Other scenes with half as many patrons were much, much more effective as the people ran screaming all the way down the driveway. :)

Filming was done using a Sony Hi8 Handycam with NightShot, which registers infrared light. The visible lighting in the graveyard scene was much dimmer than it appears in the video and was composed primarily of red and blue lights.

And the "DOOOOOOM" part in the VAN OF DOOOOOM has some resemblance to quizzes of DOOOOOM which show up in Physics class every once and a while. (You have to be there.)