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These pages are dedicated to my family, who are all from the East Midlands counties of England.

To the best of my knowledge, I am 100% English, no trace of Scots, Irish, Welsh or any other blood in me! I must be something of a rarity!

I can trace one line of my ancestry back to 1510 (Henry VII's time), all within the same town.

I have a collection of Brickmakers, Canal Boatmen, FWK's, "Ag Labs", Methodist Lay Preachers - truly representative of this area, rich in culture, that is poorly represented on the web

 My husband, on the other hand, has mixed Scots, Irish and Scandinavian ancestry. His family are all from the North East of England, and he is a true Geordie!

I have another web page, which is dedicated to his family.

If your interest lies there, or you would like to read all about them (and the Scots, Irish and Scandinavian connections), please click on the link.













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