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I have been hearing from you that some of your computers can't read Chinese, I appologize for all the inconvinience! Therefore, I have added links to websites where you can find things to download like the CHINESE WORD PROCESSING program or real player.

DANIEL NEW CD IS OUT!!! It is called 心的接觸 (TOUCH of the heart....bad translation) buy one now, bet you'll like it! You can also preview the news songs in the ALBUMS section!

This Page was updated on NOV 28 1997.

Daniel Chan's news updates! 東 東 的 新 聞!

(11/9) MinShengBao 民 生 天 地: 偶像小飾品 隱含大學問!
(11/10) MingPao 明 報: 不以蜥蜴嚇梁詠琪 陳曉東不想惹無謂是非
(11/12) SingTao Daily 星 島 日 報: 東東巨基自愧不如四大天王
(11/14) MingShenBao 民 生 報: 陳曉東和古巨基都喜歡范曉萱 梁詠琪...
(11/15) AppleDaily 蘋 果 日 報: 陳曉東嬉水漫步大享齊人之福
(11/18) Apple daily 蘋 果 日 報: 陳 曉 東 下 月 尾 將 拍 攝 清 潔
(11/22) AppleDaily 蘋果日報: 陳曉東擁李詩敏親熱!
(11/23) AppleDaily 蘋果日報: 「 阿 媽 話 唇 厚 女 仔 夠 老 實 」 ....
(11/25) MingPao 明 報: 舒淇找藉口約東東吃飯 讚其有型似香港木村拓哉
(11/27) MingPao 明 報: Sorry, this page is temporarily shut down.

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