Devil Hunter Yohko: Special Edition
Characters: 10 Animation Smoothness: 9 Story: 3 Transition: 8 Originality: 6 Quality Anime: 9
Overall: 7.5
Most Original Character: Grandmother
Theme Song: None
Cover Art: Excellent
Recommendation: Not Recommended
Genre: Action/Comedy/Shoujo/Death
Releaser: ADV
Length: 50 for first, 90 for second
Dubbed: Yes

Well, I had heard alot about this anime, saying it was good and so forth. Well, maybe it gets good after the first tape. Because I saw the first tape, and was not impressed at all. I kept repeating to myself, "When is this gonna be over?" and "Where's that cool theme song I heard?"
Yohko is the 108th generation of Devil Hunters. Her principal is a devil that wants her dead. Fun fun, eh? A guy Yohko has been drooling over for some time gets captured, to use in the ritual of bringing the Queen of Darkness forth. Yohko's friend is possessed by a devil, and because of that, he seduces her and tries to take her virginity. (If she's not a virgin, she can't become a Devil Hunter) Not only that, but her Grandma's a screwball. Lots of laughs, minor action, flashes of nudity, (LOTS of flashes) and strange humor. I'm sure some people out there love this one! The difference between the original and Special Edition, is that the Special has more Yohko footage not released in the original.
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Dragon Half
Characters: 8 Animation Smoothness: 8 Story: 4 Transition: 10 Originality: 5 Quality Anime: 9
Overall: 7.3
Most Original Character: Vina
Theme Song: None, But the ending song is really good! (My Omelet)
Cover art: Excellent
Recommendation: MUST SEE!!
Genre: Fantasy/Comedy/Romance/Kawaii
Releaser: ADV
Length: 60 minutes
Dubbed: No

Mink, half-dragon, half human, is out for the love of pop-star Dick Saucer. Unfortunately, Dick is also a Dragon slayer! So when the King orders Dick to kill Mink, there's only one thing she can do! Search for the legendary People-Potion, which will change anyone into a human. Plagued by dimwit Damaramu, Black Sorceress Vina, the King and his over-acting advisor, Mink has a big adventure on her hands! Not a very original story, (The typical boy-meets-girl in a fantasy genre) I recommend this very highly because of the humor. Funniest anime I've seen!!
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Dragon Ball Z The Movie: Dead Zone
Characters: 9 Animation Smoothness: 8 Story: 6 Transition: N/A Originality: 8 Quality Anime: 8
Most Original Character: Piccolo
Theme Song: Okay (Cha la head cha la)
Cover Art: Okay
Recommendation: Entertaining
Genre: Action
Releaser: Pioneer
Length: 60 mins.
Dubbed: Yes

There's this funny elf-looking guy, Garlic Jr, who wants to conquer the world, and release evil spirits an terrorize the world. He has these 3 fruity guys who follow him around, they're strong. They beat up the big green elf guy, Piccolo. They also kidnap that monkey-kid, Gohan. Cause they want all 7 Dragon Balls. So they could rule the world. Well, this old green elf guy, who is the king of something, doesn't like it. So, uhm, he gets pissed. And that guy with the nifty hair, Goku, is trying to get the monkey-kid back. And, uhm. There's a biiiiig fight. Can you tell I've never seen the DBZ series before? ::grins:: You're wrong! I saw it. Once. The movie was okay, though. I liked the fight scenes, cause, well, there weren't many other scenes. Anyways!!
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