Frequently Asked Questions

1. What, exactly, what SEELE trying to do?
        A. To complete the Human Instrumentality project.

2. Why is Shinji such a sack of potatoes?
        A. He was just depressed that he killed the one person that cared for him. (Kaoru) Kaoru was his only friend is the world.

3.  What the hell is Gendo trying to do?
        A. Use Rei to finish the Human Instrumentaliy project.

4. But, wasn't SEELE trying to do the same thing?
        A. Yes, and No. SEELE was just trying to speed things up. They wanted Second Impact a third time. Gendo just wanted Human Completion.

5. What's an EVA?
        A. Wake up, dumbass.

6.  What exactly were the mass production model Eva's?
        A. I believe they were 13 Eva's, all equipped with an S2 organ, and I've heard they use Dummy plugs of Kaoru. They are basically the opposite of an Eva, and are used to help Third Impact.  Capable of assimilation, and an anti-AT Field. These guys just never stop ticking. They cannot be killed by just hacking them to pieces. They can also grow extra appendages. (Wings)

7. What is that big white thing on the cross in Central Dogma?
        A. Lilith, the mother of all human beings. It was NOT Adam, like everyone had thought.

8. Wait, wait. I saw the whole movie, and everyone died except Shinji and Asuka?
        A. Untrue. Contrary to popular belief, Shinji retracted his wish of living in a guilt-free world, then Koaru and Rei restored everybody's AT Fields, making them human agiain. Pay attention to that and the background when Shinji is talking to Rei and Kaoru when he finalizes his wish. You will see naked humans reforming in a pool of LCL.  Shinji and Asuka just happened to be in a secluded place, where people just happened not to be.

9. What the hell are Rei and Kaoru anyway?
        A. The physical manifestations of human hope.

10. What about Misato? Is she and Kaji alive now too?
        A. No. They were not removed of the Earth by Shinji's wish, but were killed beforehand by other people. So, unfortunatly, they are dead. Did you notice Shinji nailing Misato's cross to a makeshift grave?

11.  Is Rei dead? That big white thing was destroyed!
        A. No. That big thing was only a vessel for Rei. After she lost the vessel, she continued to live as an angel. Maybe Shinji's Guardian Angel? :-)

12. Now how do you know that, huh?
        A. Well, remember what Koaru could do? Fly and control Evas and produce an AT Field. Did you notice Rei at the end walking on water? She was just "flying."

13. What about Asuka! She died before Shinji took away everyone's AT Field!
        A. She was inside her Eva. Look out, those things can eat your soul when you're not looking!

14. What's the deal with Unit 01?
        A. Shinji's mother is trapped inside it forever. An Eva can never die. Even if one survives it will live forever. Since Unit 01 was the only surviving Eva, it will be damn lonely. The irony? Gendo Ikari's whole purpose was to be with his wife again. But now, since Yui's soul is trapped in Unit 01, she can never die. Gendo will never see Yui again, even in death. Kind of sad, isn't it?

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