Anime Jukebox

Anime Midi, Evangelion

"Cruel Angel's Thesis"
"Misato's Theme"
"Rei I"
"Angel Attack 1"
"Soul Refrain"
"Fly Me To The Moon"
"Both of you, Dance like you want to win!"
"Fight theme ???"

Anime Midi, Tenchi Muyo!
"Ayeka's theme"
"Manatsu no eve"
"Mihoshi's theme"
"Tenchi Muyo! theme"
"I am a Pioneer"
"Tenchi Universe theme"
"Pretty Sammy Remix"
"Talent for love"
"Shin Tenchi theme"
"Kagato's Organ Music"
"Sad going-away song"
"Washu's Lullaby"

"Nuku Nuku Theme"
"Nuku Nuku - Only One"
"FF3: Snowwalk"
"Snatchers" Video game


The song that I MADE!