Characters: 9 Animation Smoothness: 10 Story: 9 Transition: N/A Originality: 8 Quality Anime: 8
Overall: 8.8
Most Original Character: Kimera
Theme Song: None
Cover Art: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Death/Romance/Mystery
Releaser: ADV Films
Length: 60 min.
Dubbed: Yes

For centuries, there have been legends of "devils" walking the Earth, feeding on the blood of humans.
But they weren't legends. Now, in the present, strange lifepods crash landed on Earth. Taken up by scientists to help the vampiric beings go about there ways on Earth, although their way of life is quite different. They came to Earth for one reason, and one reason only. To breed. To save mankind, Kimera must die.
This is a serious anime, telling about vampires. Explicit in some parts. Has great animation, and an okay plot. There was only one thing that bugged me. Kimera looked like a guy. Gross, hmm? Well, she IS one weird vampire.

Kodomo no Omocha
Characters: 10 Animeation Smoothness: 9 Story: 7 Transition: 10 Originality: 10 Quality Anime: 9
Overall: 9.2
Most Original Character: The Babbit
Theme Song: Excellent (19 O'Clock News)
Cover Art Unknown
Recommendation: MUST SEE!!
Genre: Comedy/Kawaii
Releaser: ?
Length: 120 min. (4 eps)
Dubbed: No (Fansubbed)

I never thought I'd see the day when Dragon Half is topped. Not only is this anime 10 times more hyper than Dragon Half, it's much, much longer! If you like hyper-anime comedies, get this one. If you don't, just try it out. It's crazy.
The story is about your "average" 6th grader. Sana, the main character, works with a television studio, producing the hit series, "Child's Toy." The show is completely ad-libbed. Sana's school classroom, though, is much more bizzar than her workplace. The "Devil Child" (One of her classmates, called devil child by Sana) is blackmailing the teachers, so him and his "monkeys" (his friends, called Monkeys by Sana) can do whatever they want.  Sana wishes to put a stop to that, and goes to great lengths to do it. And that's just the first few episodes.
Sana lives with her mother, who drives a little red car around the house. She's a good writer, won an award equivalent to our Pulitzer. She also buys tons of mail-order knick-knacks, so don't be surprised is you see odd stuff around her. She has a different strange hat every day, and there's always a live squirrel living in it.
Rei (Called "My Pimp" by Sana), Sana's manager, is also her bodyguard. Drives Sana "safely" to school every morning.

Kiki's Delivery Service
Characters: 10 Animation Smoothness: 10 Story: 5 Transition: N/A Originality: 10 Quality Anime: 8
Overall: 8.6
Most Original Character: None
Theme Song: None
Cover Art: Okay
Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Kawaii
Releaser: Disney
Length: ?
Dubbed: Yes

I thought to myself, "Oh, geez. Disney picked up and dubbed Anime. It's going to be crap." I was expecting them to totally mutilate this Miyazaki film. Well, I was pleasently surprised. This was actually one of the best dubs I've seen.
The main character, Kiki, must learn to become a good witch. So she leaves her parents and goes to live in a city, to do witch-like things. The movie follows her adventures.