Numerical rating: 
1 = Worst, 7 = Average, 10 = Best
<--> = End of box summary
Word ratings: 
(From best to worst) 
Recommendation wordings: 
(From Best to Worst) 
Highly Recommended 
Not Bad 
Not Recommended
Explanation of the numerical ratings: 

Characters = How well formed and defined the characters are 

Animation Smoothness = How well the animation goes from frame to frame. Is it jerky, bad to look at, or smooth as cheese? 

Story = How cool the story line is 

Transition = How well the story follows each episode. Does it continue from where it left off or does it leave a hole? NOTE: Does NOT apply to movies. 

Originality = How original the story is. 

Quality Anime = How well drawn it is.
NOTE: The numerical rating are not necessarily base of the whole thing. It could get a poor rating, but could be highly recommended. Pay more attention to the recommendations rather than the numerical rating.  
Anime Genre, to determine what type of anime it is.
Action, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, Comedy, Shoujo, Death, Kawaii, and Mecha
Action: Fighting style, kung-fu, whatever. Lots of action.
Fantasy: Whether it falls in a "Dungeons and Dragons" Type fantasy anime, or maybe a "quest-like" anime in a fantasy world.
Romance: Love. Duh. Although not always heavy. If it falls with the category "Comedy" Consider it a "Romantic Comedy", In other words, for example, Tenchi Muyo. 5 girls, one guy. 5 girls all want that guy. There you go. See??
Mystery: If the anime leaves alot of holes, in order to keep the viewer interested, and filling (Hopefully) in those holes later in the series. This type is a hard anime to write. If done well, it makes an excellent series! If done poorly, the viewer usually loses interest.
Comedy: If it's funny.
Shoujo: "Magical Girls", and / or greatly focused on love and romance.
Death "Horror-style" anime. Gallons of blood and gratuitous nudity are common.
Kawaii: If it's a cute anime.
Mecha: Giant-robots.
Epic: If the anime is well-known, drawn expertly, excellent storyline, changed some form of anime style, etc etc. In other words, it's GOOD. Mostly reserved for the "serious" anime.