Magic Knight Rayearth
Characters: 10 Animation Smoothness: 10 Story: 10 Transition: 10 Originality: 7 Quality Anime 10
Overall: 9.5
Most Original Character: Mokona
Theme Song: Excellent (Yuruzenai Negai, first season)
Cover Art: Unknown
Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Genre: Fantasy/Action/Kawaii/Comedy/Mecha/Shoujo
Releaser: (?)
Length: 120 min. each
Dubbed: No (Fansubbed)

A story of 3 girls, an evil priest, monsters, legendary "Mashin", an evil desire, and an enslaved princess, who is the last hope of the world of Cefiro.
The world of Cefiro was a peaceful place, never having bad weather, or hardly any bad things at that. All this is because of a Princess who prays day and night to keep the world peaceful. See, Cefiro is no ordinary world. It is a world of willpower. If you wish hard enough, it will happen. But when this princess is captured by her own powerful priest, Cefiro begins to collapse.
The legend goes, that when Cefiro begins to collapse, 3 girls from "the other world" will come to awaken the 3 "Mashin." These 3 girls happen to be Umi, Hikaru, and Fuu. The trainor, Clef, was attacked and turned to stone just minutes after the girls reach Cefiro. Now, the inexperienced girls must follow  Mokona, their guide, to awaken the "Mashin". Only then can the girls become the legendary Magic Knights and save Cefiro from utter destruction!
Oh, did I mention that this series was created by CLAMP?

MD Geist II: Death Force
Characters: 3 Animation Smoothness: 3 Story: 1 Transition: N/A Originality: 2 Quality Anime: 1
Overall: 2
Most Original Character: None
Theme Song: Bad (?)
Cover art: Good
Recommendation: Not recommended
Genre: Action/Death/Mecha
Releaser: Central Park Media
Length: 45 minutes
Dubbed: Yes

Ok, ok, ok. I know I probably rated this one unfair. But haven't we all seen the old, big-powerful-misfit-hero versus all-powerful-big-army-leader-man? Too much blood (Gallons upon gallons) just rubs me the wrong way. And the ridiculous violence. Well, if you like no plot, blood, and violence, you might like this one. Keep in mind that this is my own opinion. Well, it's definitely not for the squeamish.

Mobile Battleship Nadesico
Characters: 10 Animation Smoothness: 10 Story: 7 Transition: 10 Originality: 8 Quality Anime: 9
Overall: 9
Most Original Character: Gai
Theme Song: Excellent (You Get to Burning!)
Cover art: Unknown
Recommendation: MUST SEE!!
Genre: Comedy/Action/Romance/Mecha
Releaser: Xebec
Length: 120 min. (4 episodes)
Dubbed: No (Fansubbed)

Now here's a good anime. It's like a cross between Tenchi and Evangelion. A cross between Tenchi and Gundam. A cross between Tenchi... and.. basically any other anime with large Mecha in it. Very funny. The Nadesico is a privately owned battleship, and the most advanced one, at that. Akito, the main character, Nadesico's cook and backup mech pilot, is the one all the girls are after. But this guy is smarter than Tenchi. He gets one! But the one that is most after him, Nadesico's captain, is one he sure doesn't want. In fact, he tries to avoid her. And there's the coolest character, Gai, who is an Otaku! That rules. Anyway, so the Nadesico is powerful, and they can beat these powerful robot bug things, the Jovian Lizards, using the Nadesico's powerful advanced weaponry, and the mecha, called Aestivalis, to kill them. The Nadesico want to save the colony on Mars, but, since they don't want to protect Earth from the bug threat, they are considered enemies by Earth. Later in the series (Or as far as I've watched) They are joined by three other mech pilots. Ryoko, the leader, brash, and harsh. Izumi, completely insane. (Literally) and Amano, the hyper annoying one. The comedy as well as the action in this series is great, they have just enough of each. Now here's a good series.