Project A-ko
Characters: 10 Animation Smoothness: 10 Story: 8 Transition: N/A Originality: 1 Quality Anime: 8
Overall: 7.4
Most Original Character: None
Theme Song: None
Cover art: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Comedy/Kawaii
Releaser: Manga
Length: 85 minutes
Dubbed: Yes

(summary directly from back of box)
Earth-- The not-too-distant future...  A city is miraculously reborn just sixteen years after being completely destroyed by a giant meteor.  Our story begins in the prestigious Gravitron High School for Girls, nestled in the suburbs of the booming metropolis, as the English teacher, Miss Ayumi, introduces two new students.  A-ko, and her dizzy sidekick, C-ko. A-ko is a lively seventeen-year-old, no different than any other... Except for the fact that within her diminutive frame lies a strength that can only be described as superhuman.  The trouble begins when B-ko, the
spoiled but brilliant daughter of a business tycoon, decides she wants C-ko for herself.  And once B-ko decides she wants something, heaven help anyone who stands in her way.  Unless that anyone is A-ko.  B-ko becomes the irresistible force and A-ko the immovable object as the action
explodes across the unsuspecting city.  B-ko goes up against the invincible A-ko with her arsenal of powered robot-suits, including the most powerful of all, "Akagiyama 23". Meanwhile, a monstrous alien spaceship piles its way towards Earth in search of...? What is the connections between the girls and the alien shop?  Who is the mysterious "D"?  What is the secret between A-ko's
power?  What dark past fuels B-ko's rage?  why is C-ko such a space-case?

Characters: 4 Animation Smoothness: 5 Story: 2 Transition: 1 Originality: 10 Quality Anime: 9
Overall: 2
Most Original Character: All Pokèmon
Theme Song: Okay (Way catchy)
Coverart: ?
Recommendation: Bah
Genre: Kawaii/Comedy
Releaser: ?
Length: 30 mins per episode (Tapes, unknown yet)
Dubbed: Yes

Pokemon, or "Pocket Monsters", was a huge hit in Japan. I mean, REALLY huge. Based on the original Game Boy game, Pocket Monsters has acquired a large Empire. And now, it has come to the US shores. Started with Nintendo's Pikachu invasion in Topeka, Kansas, as a promotion, and then moves to US TV. The Game Boy game in English is scheduled to be released Sept. 28. And yes, this IS the anime that gave all those kids seizures in Japan. Due to Pikachu's (the main character) flashing eyes 20 minutes into an episode. This scene has been cut out of the American version, and also, the animation speed has been slowed down. (Animation Smoothness: 5)
We join Ash Ketchum, a 10-year old boy on a quest to become the world's greatest Pokèmon trainer. What are Pokèmon? They are the kawaii little animals on the show. (The main character, Pikachu, is an electric Pokèmon) Ash is soon joined by Misty and Brock, 2 gym trainers. Constantly bugged by the egotistical, loud mouthed, says-so-much-yet-accomplishes-so-little Team Rocket.
This anime, without a doubt was very Kawaii, and it's humorous ALOT, I mean, just take a look at Pikachu! It's WAY kawaii! Can't go wrong with a character that looks like this. Even if you don't like the anime, the video game is VERY addictive! I have heard rumors that Pocket Monsters is also going to be ported to the N64.