Characters: 10 Animation Smoothness: 5 Story: 6 Transition: 10 Originality: 5 Quality Anime: 8
Overall: 7.3
Most Original Character: Luna
Theme Song: Okay
Cover art: Bad
Recommendation: Entertaining
Genre: Shoujo/Romance/Comedy
Releaser: DiC
Length: 30 mins. each
Dubbed: Yes

Well, I suppose I rated this one quite good, considering that DiC destroyed 90% of it with it's bad Dub. But subtitled, this anime is quite okay. And considering that it's the most popular Anime that ran in Japan, It has to be good. Although in America, we have only seen the first season, and most of the second. I don't feel much like writing up a summary, go here and pick a site, you'll find one. Anyway, I think that this particular Anime has gotten a bad rep due to it's dub, but I've heard that the subtitled movies are good.

Sailormoon SuperS: The Movie
Characters: 10 Animation Smoothness: 10 Story: 5 Transition: N/A Originality: 9 Quality Anime: 10
Overall: 8.8
Most Original Character: Diana
Theme Song: Excellent
Cover Art: Unknown
Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Romance/Comedy/Shoujo
Releaser: E. Monsoon Studios
Length: ?
Dubbed: No (Fansubbed)

Duhn duh! I was right. Subtitled Sailormoon is WAY better, so THERE! heh heh. Oh, anyways...
So there's there dream fairies, and they get corrupted, and begin stealing all of Earth's children. So children are disappearing. The Sailor Scouts are alerted when Chibi Usa becomes hypnotized and starts walking away in the middle of the night. Along with all the other children of Tokyo. So Usagi and all the rest follow her, and there's a big fight, and Chibi Usa gets taken away anyway. The Scouts find an uncorrupted fairy, Perele, and with his help, they try and save Chibi Usa. And so, That's what happens. I didn't like the story too well, but the animation was really good! And the flute music was pretty spiffy too. And hey, there's variation in the Sailors' attacks! That's new in my book.

Review By: KMD
Shin Kidousenki Gundam Wing A.C. 195
Characters: 10 Animation Smoothness: 9 Story: 10 Transition: 9 Originality: 9 Quality Anime: 10
Overall: 9.5

Most Original Character: Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton
Theme Song: Excellent (Just Communication: by Two-Mix)
Cover art: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Genre: Action/Mecha
Releaser: Bandai
Length: 96  minutes each.
Dubbed: No, only available through fansubbers.

The story of Gundam Wing takes place in the year After Colony: 195. A sinister organization called The Federation is out to rule just about everyone, everywhere...even in the far reaches of space. In order to do so, they have reached out and taken control over 5 main space colonies sans mercy . The colonies; who left Earth in the first place seeking peace, and to escape The Federation's rule, plotted back against them (The Fed.) by launching Operation Meteor. Now, the responsibility of accomplishing peace lies in 5 young male pilots' hands. They must fight in their special mobile suits: called Gundams, against OZ and all of those who stand in the way, to accomplish order, justice, and peace. Seem like a typical bishounen (pretty boy) and his giant robot story to you? EEEHHH! Wrong answer! Gundam Wing is far from a typical anime. Alongside well-done animation and interesting characters, Gundam Wing also boasts an great plot that just draws you in to the point where you can't get enough! I should know, I bought the entire series! So, if you're looking for an anime that has an interesting plot with wonderful character designs, this it it! I don't recommend it if you're looking for something bloody, mindless, or wacky. Although Gundam Wing tends to put a blood trickle out of the mouth, and has its comic relief here and there, you'll find yourself wondering more about if Heero accomplished his mission or not, rather than when Duo and Quatre are going to go into SD mode.
    ~K.M.D. 7-9-98'

Sol Bianca
Characters: 7 Animation Smoothness: 8 Story: 5 Transition: N/A Originality: 6 Quality Anime:  8
Overall: 6.8
Most Original Character: None
Theme Song: Okay
Cover art: Okay
Recommendation: Entertaining
Genre: Action
Releaser: ADV
Length: 60 mins each
Dubbed: No

(summary directly from back of box)
Can five young women take on the armed might of an entire solar system and win? If they're the treasure hungry crew of the interstellar pirate ship Sol Bianca, the odds are just about even! Outfitted with a dazzling array of power armor, energy whips and the artificially intelligent, dimension warping Sol Bianca herself, this quintet of larcenous ladies, Janny, Feb, April, May and June, gives no quarter in their nonstop onslaught against a ruthless dictator who has the misfortune to possess a priceless treasure coveted by the buccaneering battle maids!

The Slayers: The Motion Picture
Characters: 10 Animation Smoothness: 10 Story: 8 Transition:N/A Originality: 6 Quality Anime: 10
Overall: 8.8
Most Original Character: Joyrock
Theme Song: Excellent (Midnight Blue)
Cover Art: Excellent
Recommendation: MUST SEE!!
Genre: Fantasy/Kawaii/Comedy
Releaser: ADV Films
Dubbed: Yes

"Little girl, little breasts, scares a dragon from it's nest!"
Or so the legend goes.
Lina Inverse is a powerful master sorcerer. When the movie opens, she kicks the crap out of a group of bandits. Later, the bandits hire another sorcerer to fight against Lina, because the bandits are too weak. But, that sorcerer is none other than Nahga. Nahga, according to herself, is "Lina's great rival."  According to Lina, she's just "a pain in the butt." One fireball puts Nahga out of commission. Lina makes Nahga realize that the bandits who hired her are bad, so they both kick the crap out of them again. Picking through the bandits' belongings, Nahga finds 2 discount tickets to the infamous hot spring resort on  Mipross. Quickly, grabbing Lina, she makes a run for the boat to get there. Lina begins to get strange recurring dreams of when the island was new, about a strange boy and an elf. She later finds out that the elf the boy likes was killed in a great massacre of elves by a demon, named Joyrock. It becomes a wacky journey into the past to correct history. What is Lina's reward? The location of the "Pool of growth." Lina's goal? To get to that pool so she can grow taller, and get her breasts bigger. (Trust me, there are very many hilarious breast jokes in this one) All through this journey, Nahga is "tagging along".