Vampire Hunter D
Characters: 10 Animations Smoothness: 10 Story: 8 Transition: N/A Originality: 9 Quality Anime: 9
Overall: 9.2
Most Original Character: D
Theme Song: None
Coverart: Okay
Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Genre: Action/Death/EPIC
Releaser: Streamline Pictures
Length: 80 min
Dubbed: Yes

It is a time in the distant future. A time of mutants, werewolves and vampires. A time when life gets a little more simplistic. This is a story of a young mutant hunter. When out hunting, she confronts a werewolf, who kills her horse, and while running away, breaks off the cross around her neck. As you know, a cross will protect you from Vampires. She confronts the Count of Lee, who easily over takes her. Now once bitten, she will become his bride, in a few days. She searches for a Vampire hunter to kill the Count, and what she finds is D, a mysterious man who hardly speaks. But D is no ordinary hunter. Not only in his veins flows that of human blood, but the bloodline of a vampire as well. I may have rated this a "death" anime, but the blood in this isn't like death. It's very realistic. This is an old anime, and it is still a good one.

Vision of Escaflowne
Characters: 9 Animation Smoothness: 9 Story: 9 Transition: 10 Originality: 10 Quality Anime: 8
Overall: 9.2
Most Original Character: Meruru
Theme Song: Excellent (Yakusoku wa Iranai)
Cover art: Unknown
Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Mecha/Mystery/EPIC
Releaser: AnimeVillage
Length: 120 min. (4 episodes)
Dubbed: No

Wow! Good one. The animation was EXCELLENT! I only rated it an "8" because all the noses on the people are way too big, even the noses on the girls. But anyway, it starts off with this girl, Hitomi, who suddenly has visions of another world, and then uhm, she gets taken to that world. And stuff happens. There's an evil person, and this person wants to wreck stuff. This is a fantasy type anime, with giant mech. "Escaflowne" is actually an advanced mecha. What they do is go around places, trying to protect Hitomi, who still is seeing visions of a dark future.