Pilot: Asuka Langely Sohryu Brief Description: Evangelion: Made in Germany
Evangelion Unit 02. The final production model. Piloted by the incredinbly self-centered Asuka. In battle almost as much as Unit 01, the Unit 02 has exceptional performance. A good fighting machine. Quite handy, too. Big angel? Send Unit 02 to get smashed. Then send 01 to kill the angel. Works for me. ....Yeah, it's red.... 

Pilot: Asuka Langely Sohryu 
Victories: 4 
Berserk total: 2 
Defeats: 4 
Highest sync ratio: ? 
Configuration: Quad-eyed 
Sync Failures: 0 
Pilot mental stability: Very Stable*

*As of Episode 22, Contaminated

Pilot: Touji Suzuhara Brief Description: Evangelion: Made in America
Evangelion Unit 03, the first American made Eva. Piece of crap. Let's just say that in the first combat situation the 4 Evas were in left heavy damage to Unit 00, Unit 02 defeated, and Unit 03 completely destroyed. (When I say destroyed, I mean scrap metal) The Angel was defeated by Unit 01. Whether or not NERV decides to rebuild this Eva is unknown. 

Pilot: Touji Suzuhara 
Victories: 2 
Defeates: 1 
Highest sync ratio: ? 
Configuration: Dual eyed 
Sync failures: 1 
Pilot mental stability:     Contaminated

Pilot: Never Chosen Brief Description: Evangelion: Made in America
This Eva was swallowed up by a Duroc Sea along with part of the American branch of NERV, and hundreds of people. It vanished during the installation of the S2 engine.  

Pilot: Never Chosen  
Victories: 0  
Defeates: 1  
Never been syncronized  
Configuration: Unknown  
Never been syncronized  
No pilot  

As of now, NERV and other organizations around the world have begun mass production of Evas 05 - 13
Unit 00
Unit 01