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   Welcome everyone to my Crayon Shinchan fan page! All created on honor of the truly awesome anime and manga series, Crayon Shinchan! I know, it's not much now, but soon I will be back with pictures, and possibly even sound files! We'll see... All I can say is that I need you, Crayon Shinchan fans, to tell me what you want, how I could make this page better, and I'll do my best! Thanks!

                                    Tim Partelow
 Dedicated To J. Gaskell
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The Characters
   Nohara Shinnosuke: The protagonist of Crayon Shinchan ( also called Shin-chan by friends and relatives ). A general smart-allack but in an innocent way. He definitely knows way too much for someone his age.

   Nohara Misae: Shin-chan's mother. Has a nice side, but when Shin-chan comes around she turns into a demon woman, going insane with his antics.

Nohara Hiroshi: Shin-chan's father. Seems to have the same interests as Shin-chan

    Kazama: One of Shin-chan's kindergarten friends. The know-it-all type. Is constantly pestered by Shin-chan.

    Nene-chan: Another one of Shin-chan's classmates, although she seems a bit more invulnerable to Shin-chan and his cracks.

    Masao: A friend of Shin-chan's. Quite the cry-baby, always scared of everything. Seems pretty invulnerable to Shin-chan, unlike Kazama.

    Bo-Chan: My favorite! Although he's just stump dumb, he often surprises his peers with intelligent retorts.

    Shiro: Shin-chan's dog. He's just kind of there, he doesn't do much.

    Shinchan's Grandparents: The grandfather is a seventy-year-old version of Shin-chan. Very funny and doesn't act his age. The grandmother is a typical grandmother, with the exception of her Squid Booby dance ( don't ask ).

    The Principal: The Prinicpal at Shin-chan's school looks just like a Yakusa, with the exception that he has his pinky finger. Shin-chan constantly calls him a Yakusa, to his dismay.

    Miss Matsuzaka: One of the teacher's at Shinchan's school. She's kind of crazy, Shin-chan always talks about how she can't find a boyfriend.

    Miss Yoshinaga: Shin-chan's teacher. She get's irritated by Shin-chan's antics, but seems to be able to handle it better that most people.

    The Bookstore ladies: Shin-chan's favorite place to raise hell ( or at least it seems that way ). He always wonders why the two Bookstore women use sing language to communicate.

  So Where The Heck Can I find Crayon Shinchan?!
     That's always the tough part. It really depends on what you're looking for. Here's some stuff you can find on the web:
- Crayon Shinchan TV Episodes:
    Well, You can find those at the Capsule Corporation Trading Post. They have four tapes in alright quality, a TV station called KIKU subtitles it weekly. Other than that, you can always check trader's lists and things, it's pretty hard to find Shinchan unless you have a source.
- Crayon Shinchan manga:
    This can be pretty difficult too if you don't live in Japan or by a Japanese Bookstore. I get my Shinchan manga from Sasuga Japanese Bookstore Even though it's not listed, they can special order it for you.
- Crayon Shinchan music CD's:
    This is also really tough to find originals. Many companies on the web carry the Son May versions, other than that I've never seen the originals for sale. These CD's are Taiwan-made CD's which are basically counterfeit's of the originals. They sound exactly the same though.
- Crayon Shinchan merchandise:
    You can always find some posters and things from over the internet, try Ani-Magic online. I believe they have some stuff. Other than that, if you don't live in Japan, it will be really hard to find Shinchan stuff.

Created on: February 1, 1998

Last updated: February 14, 1998


    There are some very special people out there who I think deserve a little recognition on the making of this page, my love for anime, and life in general:
-Jeff Gaskell: Without you Jeff, I would've never had fallen in love with Shinchan. Thank you!

- Karlton Tomomitsu and KIKU TV Hawaii: You guys are the greatest! I love Crayon Shinchan and always look forward to new episodes!

- Christine: You know who you are. We've been through lots of weird times, but I still think that you're the greatest.