named after a place in the game Myst

Um, hi, I guess.  Well, this is an archive of all the fanfictions that I (Willow/Sailor Riven) have written.  I used to have these linked from the main Lunar Eclipse page, but I moved them here.  Also here are my articles and how-tos on fanfiction (which are not up yet).  Later on I might take submissions for other people's fanfics, but not now. 

Fanfiction-related things, articles, stuff like that

Crystal Tokyo: My personal idea about it, and how it's portrayed in fanfictions

Poetry: my crud poetry, if you would like to see...

Other writings: some other stuff I've written...soon I'll put up some essays and an excerpt from my novel.

Videos: not real ones, because I have not the software to make them, but scripts.

How to write a self-insertion: a guide to not making yourself seem like a narcissist

Otaku senshi guidelines: 'nother how-to, mostly for new senshi but could apply to any character

Fanfic reviews: want me to reivew your fanfic?  Or want to read some reviews I've written?  Okay!



Sailor Astros
A Sailormoon story, sort of.  Only the original senshi aren't in this, it's a whole bunch of new senshi running around Ireland.  Not finished yet.  It's a trilogy (maybe, unless I decide to add another season), and it's mostly plot driven.  I'm in the process of rewriting it now too.

Sailormoon Lilith
'Nother Sailormoon fanfiction.  Only this one has the original senshi in it.  I'm bad at characterizing them, but I kinda had to, you'll see why.  Anyway, this one has the Lilith Senshi, who are new and a little bit more powerful than the original ones (except for Sailormoon, and Saturn and Pluto too if they were in this).  This is barely even started yet, only like one episode up.  It's got only two seasons thus far, and...hmm, is it character or plot driven?  I'd say half-and-half.

The Olympus Chronicles
Okay, lemme make this clear: I LOVE Greek/Roman mythology.  That's why these senshi are based on the Muses from the myths.  No original senshi in this one either, sorry, but it does take place in Japan.  This one is different from my others (more complex characters).  It's not anywhere near being started yet, I haven't even written an episode but I will once I'm not so busy.  It's definitely character-driven (another thing that makes it different).

Pokemon Conclave
My Pokemon fanfic!  It's about Ash and Misty's daughter, Aoife, on her Pokemon journey.  Along the way she teams up with a few other trainers, and she also, of course, has a rival (Gary and Giselle's daughter Fawn).  There are a few new gym leaders in this too, and some Pokemon I came up with myself.  It's plot driven, but it also follows the character development, especially Aoife's coming-of-age and all that.