Original Comic Art Websites

This is a list of all of the web-sites pertaining to original art that I know of! If you come across others please let me know and I will update my links page! Enjoy!
(links courtesy of Ed Hodder and The Art Board)

Artist Links

Alberto Ponticelli --Alberto Ponticelli art gallery of comic-book art. Also taking commissions!

Alex Horley --Alex Horley art gallery of comic-book art. Also taking commissions!

Alex Ross Original Art --for sale, appearances, and additional artist links

BIGBEATTYDOTCOM! --The Official Web Site of Comic Book Artist: John Beatty

Budd Root's Basement Comics--A Page for fans of dinosaurs, comics, giant monkeys and babes; feauring CAVEWOMAN

Casey Jones --Lots of unpublished stuff and original artwork

Dan Morton Original Comic Art --Dan Morton's 50's sci-fi inspired art. Neato-keen!

Dan Parsons --Originals from Harpy and other projects are available for sale. Accepting commissions!

Don Mangus' "Marked Man" comic book story --Don's noir papparazzi

Frank Brunner --Originals and other items are available. Contact info. Accepting commissions.

Giorgio Comolo --Giorgio Comolo gallery of comic-book art. Also taking commissions!

Jeffrey Jones --a virtual book and exhibition. sometimes take commissions.

Jeffrey Jones --An expanding VBook

Kieron Dwyer's LCD: Lowest Comic Denominator --Funny adult humor for the inner child in everyone...except YOU!

Mike Allred's Atomic Art Pop--Super cool stuff fro mmadman to The Atomics!!

Sal Abbinanti--Freelance Artist. Accepting commissions.

Saverio Tenuta --Saverio Tenuta gallery of comic-book art. Also taking commissions!

The Official Mike Hoffman Website --Mike's website offering art for sale, galleries of past pieces and much more.

Collector Links

The NEGATIVE ZONE!!! --Located in the anti-matter universe adrift in the debris belt, the Negative Zone is an online gallery of original comic art from my personal collection assembled here for your viewing pleasure.

!Batgirl Online! --Nice gallery of Batgirl commissions/sketches by many talented artists.

Andrew's Original Art Gallery --Lots for sale - Actively seeking Chaykin American Flagg! art.

Art Nouveau Website --A themed collection of different artists interpretations of the Art Nouveau style

Brief history on Allan. Will occasionally sell choice art. --To my eBay history.

Collectors Anonymous --Original Art Gallery, For Sale and For Keep

Comic Art --Comic art by Neal Adams, Carl Barks, Bruce Timm, etc.

Comicart-L: A website dedicated to the collecting/discussion of original comic art!

Comic and Fantasy Art --John Taylor's collection of comic and fantasy art (and some of his own drawings too)

Comics As Art --My collection of Original Comic Art and more!

Comics Fun --Unpublished Art Gallery, Art for Sale, Comic Book Profiles, Robin Snyder's The Comics, and more!

Danny's Web Page of Comicbook Artwork --My collection of comicbook artwork

Doug Resnick's Art for Sale/Gallery --some drawing/pages for sale, gallery of my commission art work

Eelco's Original Art Site --Original art from my collection, my want list and some art for sale.

Erik's Little Corner --A photopoint gallery of all my artwork that has been scanned! Will be updated as I acquire and/or scan my acquisitions!

Greg's House of Art --Comic book art, personal art and paintings.

Ivan's comic art page! --Original Comic Art Gallery

JPV ART OF COMICS --My Collection, Art For sale,Wanted List.

Marc's ArtAttack Comic Art --A cozy little place to trade and BUY original art

Mike's Comic-Book Art --My personal collection.

Milkbaby's Comic Art Gallery --Current and previous artwork from Milkbaby's original art collection.

Muffin Man Museum --Muffin Man Museum of original comic book art

My Sketchbook --Just some convention sketches I've gotten done in my sketchbook.

Paul's Original Comic Art Page --Displays most of my comic art collection. There is some art for sale.

RocArt --The art I collect... and some stuff for sale/trade

Royd's Original Comic Art Gallery --Original art collection, not for sale.

Scott Stewart's Comic Book Art --A gallery of my collection and my own comic art

The Art of Batman --Comic and Animation art of the Dark Knight, all from my personal collection

The Cliff Page! --A gallery of convention sketches and commissioned art by top comic creators!

The Comic Art CyberMall --Illustrated collection of comic art, paintings, etc; buy-sell-trade.

The CyberCollection --Kirby art for sale by collector

The Incredible Hulk: Engine of Destruction --A site dedicated to the great green goliath including artwork, toys, action figures and much more!!!

The Legion of Super Heroes Gallery --My collection of Legion of Super Heroes pinups/commissions.

Woman of Wonder Gallery --Unique illustrative visions of the DC Comics amazon icon, Wonder Woman, from the original theme sketchportfolio collection of Joel Thingvall

Art Dealer Links

Albert Moy Artwork --Best selection of Original comic art on the Web

Anthony's Collectables --One of the largest listings of original comic art on the net!

Artworkword/Fredericksburg Books --Roughly 1,000 viewable/searchable pages of art for sale.

Comic Book Pros --Original Comic Book Art and More!!

ComicQuest Original Art --The best is Silver and early Modern age comic art!

Distinctive Original Artwork (D.O.A.) --A fine selection of work by such artists as Byrne, Chadwick, Davis, Madureira, Pacheco, Rude, Sprouse, Wagner, and Zeck.

Don Mangus Original Art Gallery --IIlustrative comic book and strip art

E-Bay - The best source for Comic Art! --'Nuff Said?

Redd Skull Comics --Selling Doug Wheatley Artwork

Romitaman Original Art --Hundreds of pages available and I'm ALWAYS looking for Spider-Man art.

T's World of Original Art --Original Comic Art for Sale

TRI-STATE ORIGINAL ART, INC. --Wide variety of original art for sale mainly from the Silver Age.

The Art of Comics --Representing Bryan Hitch and Paul Neary and offering artwork from The Authority, Stormwatch, X-Men, Excalibur and more.

TheArtBoard --Sales, Auctions, Classifieds, Comicart-L and More!

Toonfactory Animation Art Gallery --We carry animation art from some of your favorite cartoons and presentation art from shows that could have been but never wew (Vampirella, DC/Marvel superheroes, Disney, and more)

Ultimate Art --Representing the best new Italian talents: Alex Horley, Alberto Ponticelli, Saverio Tenuta, Francesco Ciampi, Tom Porta and Giorgio Comolo. Hundreds of pages available.

FanBoy Links

Bob Riley's Fan Pages --Adam Hughes, Alex Ross, Jeff Moy and more!!!!

FANZING --a monthy fan-created fanzine about the DC Universe

Frank Cho Fan Page Monkey Boy! --Tons of Frank Cho Crap!

Sequential Tart --Comics Webzine

Other Links

ABC-Art Benefitting Children --A.B.C. is a group of international animation and comic art collectors who have banded together in order to help others through our hobby.

Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5: This is the end all, be all site for B-5 fans!

eBay Internet Auctions: Search for your favorite collectibles here!

Comic Book Websites

The Silver Surfer Website : The Cosmic Diary of the Sentinel of the Spaceways!

The Green Goblin's Lair: Curious about the #1 villain in the Marvel Universe? Click here!
Green Lantern Home Page: All you need to know about the Emerald Gladiator is here!

The ComicLink Exchange: Another place to purchase original art and Silver-Age books!

1,000,000 Comix: A good place to buy Silver-Age comics, although a bit expensive!

Metropolis Comics: Silver-Age books galore.......... and at reasonable prices!