Silver-Age Comic Books

Fantastic Four #50 Showcase #22 Amazing Spiderman #14 Silver Surfer #1 Green Lantern #1 Showcase #22Amazing Spiderman #14Silver Surfer #1

I will use this section to ramble on about my favorite type of literature: comic books! I have been collecting comics for some 14 years. I began by collecting nearly ever title that Marvel was producing at the time. After collecting for nearly 2 years I discovered the wonderful realm of Silver-age comic books! "WOW! These characters are way cooler than those that are in comics today", I thought. I decided to pick one character to follow. This character was the Silver Surfer(The Sentinel of the Spaceways). He was magical. What a purely emotional book that featured great fight scenes as well. He was just the perfect character. I have collected the Silver Surfer for the last 10 years and pride myself on having every appearance that he has ever made. My favorite villain is the Green Goblin. I have all of his appearances too! I was never much of a DC fan but I stumbled across a stack of beat up Green Lanterns about 4 years ago. I read these and became an instant Green Lantern fan. He is by far the best character in the DC Universe! Anyway, as the years have progressed I have accumulated more books than I have space for. Following is a link to a list of Silver-age comics that I have for sale or trade. Take a look and if there is anything of interest please shoot me an Email so we can discuss it.

Silver-Age Comics: A few key Silver-Age books that I am willing to sell or trade for original art!

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