Artist Name

Description of Sketch

Jason Baumgartner Silver Surfer Painting, nice piece that opens up my sketchbook
Mike Norton Silver Surfer
Jason Alexander Green Goblin
Don Hillsman Green Lantern Corps
Angel Medina Silver Surfer
Greg Land Green Goblin
Georges Green Lantern
Matt Wagner Silver Surfer, Matt told me that this was the 1st Surfer that he'd ever done! Cool, huh?
Tim Vigil Green Goblin, deliciously evil, no?
Tim Bradstreet Green Goblin
Bob Burden Green Lantern, or is it?
Greg Luzniak Green Lantern
Bob Wiacek Silver Surfer
Dick Ayers Silver Surfer, one of these days I'll really appreciate this sketch
Jason Gottleib Silver Surfer
Dave Cockrum Green Lantern
Mike Kaluta Silver Surfer, gorgeous image of the Surfer & Shalla-Bal
Buzz  Green Goblin
Jill Thompson  Green Goblin
Ron Lim Silver Surfer vs. Thor, killer two-page spread that caps off my sketch book