Artist Name

Description of Art

Chris Bailey The Silver Burper, Take 1, Chris didn't like this 1st version so he re-did it
Chris Bailey The Silver Burper, Take 2, finalized version
John Buscema  Silver Surfer #13 Cover, well, it isn't the actualoriginal but a re-creation of that original. This is one of my top 3 Surfer covers of all time (Surfer #4, Surfer #8, and this one). It is is now my "holiest of Holy Grails"!
John Buscema Silver Surfer #14, p. 3, I remember tracing that top panel as a kid, now I own the original!
John Buscema Silver Surfer pencil sketch #1, Silver Surfer pencil sketch #2, two unbelievable pencil sketches by one of the best Surfer artists ever! The images themselves are 7" x 12"!
John Buscema Silver Surfer in Space sketch, great sketch of The Sentinel of The Spaceways byt The Master himself!
John Buscema Galactus: The Devourer #3 cover preliminary, it's really cool to see John's thought process! Here is a glimpse into the mind of a master! Can you identify the characters? Here's the actual published cover to help!
John Byrne  Silver Surfer One Shot, p. 29, WOW! I have long wanted a page from this now classic issue! I'm not a huge Byrne fan but his version of the Surfer is awesome and this is a great page w/ Mephisto abducting Shalla Bal while the Surfer is hot pursuit!
Fred Hembeck Tales to Astonish #93 cover parody, Hembeck himself makes an appearance here! Here's a scan of the letter that accompanied the illustraion!
Ron Lim Double Page pin-up from Silver Surfer Annual #5, What Can I Say? Killer two-page spread featuring Galactus, The Surfer, Nova, Terrax, Firelord, and Airwalker! This is the family reunion of hearlds!
Ron Lim  Silver Surfer #50 cover, OK,'s not the original but rather an 11 x 17 B&W print! It'll have to do until I can talk the owner into selling me the original!
Brian Whitley Fantastic Four #50 cover re-creation, re-creation of my all time favorite cover!
Ash Wood Silver Surfer finished pencil piece, one of my absolute favorite commissions