Swedish river logging

by Lennart Elg

Turn of the century sawmill machinery

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A circular saw, manufactured by Munktell´s in Eskilstuna. Munktell´s also manufactured heavy construction equipment, including what looks like a copy of the famous Marion steam excavator.
A gangsaw had several saw blades set parallell in a frame, and could turn a whole log into boards in one go.
Two photos of gang saws manufactured by Bolinder´s of Stockholm. Bolinder´s later merged with Munktell´s (see above) and today they are part of Volvo Construction Equipment.
Huge bandsaws like this saw limited use in Europe at the time. They were both faster and less wasteful than gangsaws or circular saws, but required larger investment.
A portable sawmill used for cutting firewood. It is powered by a kerosene engine, so the contraption to the far right is not a steam boiler, but probably the silencer / exhaust system.

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