Few are the words we have shared
Is it because we are too shy?
Or are we both just too scared?

I see something in you, tender & sweet
Each day I wait for our eyes to meet.
From across the room or up the stairs,
Your boyish smile is beyond compare.

I long to know who you are inside,
But when I think i've got the courage
I only run and hide.

The fear of rejection is ever near
Too many times my heart has been told
Things it doesn't want to hear

When I give of my heart, I give my all
And because of this, too often I fall.

Is it your nature to be so reserved?
Do you ever speak out, make yourself heard?
Have you also been hurt so bad,
You choose to live your life, afraid & sad?

Something tells me you know of what I speak
Have you too fallen from heavens peak?

Maybe we've been down the same roads
Or even carried some of the same loads

There is one question I will ask now
How will we ever know if we could really care
If it remains that.......

"Few are the words we have shared"